Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Think I Was In New York

First I would like to thank Carolyn and Alethia for their kindness and generosity. Both invited me to meet with them during my visit to the Big Apple. Special thanks to Carolyn, who recommended that I shop at Metro Textiles and gave me her work number in case I had questions. I absolutely love this community of fashionistas.

Let me tell you, this was one of my most disappointing business trips ever. This was suppose to be a two-hour site visit at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Upper East Side NY, with time to spare (shopping). My flight should have arrived in NY at 10:15am, but due to the weather conditions the flight was delayed by an hour or so. My 2.5 hour shopping spree was cut in half. Not enough time to shop and too much time to sit around doing nothing. So from the airport I went directly to the Wales Hotel were I was to meet my colleagues for lunch. After about 10 minutes of waiting in the lobby, I asked the hotel hosts if there were any fabric stores or textile distributors close to the hotel. They suggested: Marimekko, Saint-Remy, and Cora Ginsburg. All of which seem too far away from the hotel. So they suggested that I try Annie and Company, 1323 Madison Avenue.

Annie is a quaint little shop that sells yarns, threads, handmade garments, beads, and books. They have an exquisite selection of threads. Annie's offers private lessons. (Photos are not the best; taken with camera phone) Go to their website and blog for more details.

Annie's Website
Annie's Blog

Unfortunately, I was back at the airport by 5:15pm. My flight landed at 9:38pm, also delayed due to weather conditions. The closest I got to Manhattan was passing it on the express way en route to the Wales Hotel. I was not a happy camper. Oh well, I'll have to go back to NY on my own dime.

Happy Sewing and Shopping!


  1. Too bad you didn't get to shop :( That's dissapoinying. We had bad weather today too...but at least I got a snow day and got to stay home. I'd love to visit NY and shop at this Metro Textiles.. .it sounds like such a great place. Hopefully your next trip will be more enjoyable.

  2. Awwwww!!! Sorry you didn't get to shop!

  3. Sorry you didn't get to shop!!This weather is messing everything up!

  4. Sorry you didn't get to shop!!This weather is messing everything up!

  5. How disappointing to miss the garment district! And not to mention the opportunity to fabric shop with two GREAT women! Hope you get there again in the not too distant future.

  6. Girl the same thing happened to me when I went to Dallas. I had all these hopes of fabric shopping and it just didn't happen! :(

  7. How sad to hear you didn't get to shop for fabric. I hope the next time you come into NYC you get to do a bit of fabric shopping. You can email me if you would like more company fabric shopping. Thanks for url for the yarn shop. I started crocheting again and alway on the lookout for new yarn shops. My area have just basic yarns which is ok, but I want something different. Now I'm glad I can just go into the city and see what the shop have. Thanks again.



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