Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still Here...,

It has been over a week since my last post. Still no sewing and very little blog reading. At work, we are just finishing up the NIH deadlines for (November 5th and 16th). Wednesday, The UI "working group - To Be Processes" met in Pontiac for an all day meeting. It's been very hectic at work these days, but I remain grateful to have a job. My girlfriend group started our spa weekend on Thursday. And let me tell you..., I was over joyed to leave Chicago for some pampered R&R. We had a great time and are already planning to next trip (February).

Sewing News...,

There are still several garments on the cutting table, but I have started thinking about Christmas gifts for family members. My budget is a little tight and I wanted to come up with some creative gifts this year. My sister is the host for Christmas dinner. So I don't have to worry about dinner.

My coat for the Great Coat Sew Along is still not finished. I'm bumping that to the top of the list. Today I felt like wearing my new coat, but it's not half finished. Two jackets are high on the list as well. Now that I've had a rest, the new week offers great promise for finishing "something". We'll see how it goes.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wishing you luck, I am also behind on my sewing as well.:) Good luck:) Can't wait to see how your coat turns out.:)

  2. I am behind on my coat as well. I also changed my mind and I'm doing one of the new vogue coats. I will be working on that this week.

  3. Hang in there, you'll get back to the sewing table soon.

  4. I understand your much to do, with limited time! As always I am anxious to see the final product.

  5. Miss ya. I know you'll return with a bang.

  6. Cold weather is definitely an incentive to finish your coat :) I'm sure you will. Good Luck.



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