Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chic Chapeaus - Hats Are Back in Style!

Gene Tiernery - Hollywood Legend from the 30's and 40's
Great matching hat and purse

Ava Gardner - Hollywood Legend from the 30's and 40's

Back in the day, women almost always wore hats and gloves in public. It was an essential part of getting dressed to leave the house. Over time, that all changed. Nowadays it is rare to see women wearing hats in church. Since the courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton there has been a resurgence of hat-wearing.

Last year, our church Unity Conference Coordinator announced that she'd like the women to wear hats on the climax of the 2011 conference. Of course, I thought about making my own. I wanted it to be unique. Another creative skill to add to my repertoire. The September issue of Burda Style magazine arrived just in time for me to take advance of its feature article on "DIY Trend", which teaching you how to make popular hats and fascinators similar to the whimsical styles worn by Princess Kate.

Essence magazine also featured an article all about the toppers, and how you can incorporate them into your style. I loved every one of them. So for your viewing pleasure hear they are:

That's all for now.  More reviews still to come.

Happy Sewing!


  1. So fun! I love the styles from Essence, but that pink feathered one if amazing!

  2. Kid, MD - I am seriously thinking about making this one for the conference.

  3. I'd love to start wearing hats, but I wear glasses, and hats and glasses just don't seem to go together.

  4. ohh I love hats !! Wonderful post Cennetta !

  5. My FAVORITE is the one that looks like it's a fuschia or red, made of thick wool felt and velvet. I think I could make that with a disc or donut of wool felt and a velvet tube, gathered and "squiggled."

    Smashing, dahling!

  6. I absolutely adore hats! Please show us the final selection.

    SMRf - As for glasses not going with hats?? Why not? You may have to try on several to find one that suits but you can do it!


  7. i absolutely adore HATS! but will not be trying to create them! but you so go for it! i love them all!!! and @SMRf...i disagree hats w. glasses make you look sophisticated ! lol go for it!!!

  8. I've always been a hat lover and have quite a few...not quite like any of these though!!

  9. I LOVE hats. Love them. Thank you for showing this inspiration! The tiny top hat is so cute, and more sophisticated than the usual Lolita look for tiny top hats. Want!

  10. I'm with you - I loved this month's Burda's article on how to make a hat.



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