Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gloves - A New Exploration

If you remember last September I participated in a purse making workshop taught by John Koch. Well, John is a jack of all trades. This winter John has offered glove and flower making workshops. I've bought at least four glove patterns, but was afraid to try them. John Koch dispelled all my fears when I attended his January glove making workshop. It was a day long hands on workshop were sewists had an opportunity to learn to make gloves.

When I came through the studio door, John's display table had dozens of beautifully, hand created gloves on exhibit. Many designs I would have never thought of. Each glove is entirely hand sewn using embroidery floss.

After the lecture, we were able to pick out fabric and thread for our very own pair of gloves. For each participant, a basic instruction book and patterns were provided. Getting started, John measured our hands using pre-made, pre-sized muslin gloves. It was an incredible experience.  We learnied about the various parts of the glove and how each part may need to be sized differently based on your hand and the style of glove you want to make.

The basic parts of a glove are the trank, thumb, and fourchettes. Each part can be reshaped and sized accordingly. My first pair of gloves is nothing fancy, but is the starting point of making beautiful gloves. This pair is standard with kind of blunt finger tips, size MM (medium trank and thumb). Next pair, I need to extend the thumb about 1/4" for a slightly better fit. I can also choose to get a little fancy, like the ones John made. Not too much too fast. A little at a time.

I'm certainly glad I was able to take advantage of the glove making class. And if you are in the Chicago land area and have four to six people who want to learn how to make them, Give John and call to schedule a workshop.

Janice - Thanks for the pictures. (I'm always forgetting my camera.)

Happy Sewing!


  1. They are very cool, and what's cooler is the opportunity to try on pre-muslined, pre-sized gloves!

  2. Wow, what an amazing class this must have been. I bought leather to make gloves last year, but never worked up the nerve...

  3. Wow, impressive gloves. I surprised that embroidery floss is used. Did you use that too.
    I've bought some winter glove patterns (as in snow gloves) but have yet to dive into that sort of project!

  4. Oh, these are lovely. I've been thinking about gloves ever since I read the article in Threads a while back, but at the time I lived in the subtropics and had no need for gloves. Now I've moved to a much colder climate I have a definite place for them in my wardrobe. You've inspired me, so I might just give it a try.

  5. Oh wow those gloves are amazing! Yours look pretty good too. I just bought a Vogue glove pattern....wonder how it will turn out?

  6. I'm interested in glove making. I got so far as to make the fingerless gloves. Does this guy have a pattern, or a website?

  7. I love gloves. I have 1 glove pattern. I don't see the reason to own multiple patterns for gloves. I'm excited to see your glove creations. I'm going to do all within my power to bring them back.

  8. Wow! I never thought of gloves as yet another outlet for artistry.

  9. Love, love the gloves you made. Thanks for sharing the workshop with us.

  10. I love gloves and have always wanted to sew my own but didn't realize there was a glove gooroo in the States. I must make a trip to Chicago. Your gloves are anything but ordinary!

  11. Thanks everyone for commenting.

    A Sewn Wardrobe - Before you cut into your leather, make sure it's glove weight and it has some stretch. Otherwise, you won't be able to put your hands in them.

    Joy - I used embroidery floss. It has six strands twisted together. We separated them into two sets of three.

    Alison - I have the Vogue pattern as well. First, you should make a muslin. John provided patterns. He's been making them for over twenty years.

    Gwen - John does not have a website. He is a local designer, who has been featured in Threads magazine. John is in the process of finishing a book on glove making. It will include patterns and detail instruction. He will, however, schedule workshops for groups. Just give him a call.

  12. He has made some exquisitely beautiful gloves and yours came out great. Now my mind is reeling on how they would make great gifts.

  13. What fun! I look forward to seeing more of your gloves.

  14. I've been really frustrated buying gloves lately because nothing ever fits my short fingers.

    Your gloves came out so beautifully that it's inspiring to try some! Any patterns you recommend?

  15. Thanks, ladies. Sophia - I can't honestly recommend a sewing pattern to create these gloves. John Koch provided copies of his custom made designs. I do own a few McCall and Vogue glove patterns but have never tried them. Now that I've attended the workshop I will take a look at those pattern to see how they compare to John's patterns. Also, John will purchase a book on glove making which will include patterns. I will keep you posted on that.

  16. What fun! I have a lot of glove patterns but have never made any. I think I need to attend a glove workshop!

  17. Hi Cennetta,

    This is great! I love the gloves you made.

    I was wondering if you stitched them by hand and if John stitches them by hand or ever uses a machine? I'd love to know.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for stopping by. The gloves are entirely stitched by hand.



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