Monday, May 13, 2013

After Thought ..,

First of all Happy Mother's Day to all of you.  I didn't get a chance to say that yesterday.  Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my thoughts on the fashion show and other life situations.

On the drive home from the fashion show, I let out a long sign of relief. This event marked the end of one of my busiest times of the year. Finals were over, Pastor's Anniversary was over (Media Services), my time as fashion show chair was drawing in on a close and the warm weather was energizing. I was relieved and almost immediately started thinking about things I'd like to sew this spring and summer.

 On my very long list are several UFO's and new projects:

Rhonda's Perfect Travel Dress
a few things for my DD

Short list right? I'm planning a sew-cation so I can realistically get it done before classes start at the end of August.

I had other thoughts as well. Personally, I felt the fashion show was a success, but wondered what others "really" thought. There were so many tasks to complete. I was thankful to have a committee of hard working, talented people. Everyone that I asked to help or lead a team graciously accepted and did an excellent job. As I've said before, the Haute Couture Club is comprised of a phenomenal group of women. I feel privileged to be a part of this club. There were three members that really made my job less tedious: Sandra Young, Rhonda Buss and Dolores Panek. The three of them represent a combined membership of over 50 years and tons of experience with the annual fashion show. I called them my special consultants. They really were. I love these ladies and working with them made this incredible task a lot less scary. Next, there is Sue Heiss who was willing to help with just about everything. From garment reviews, staging, and other activities, she helped with it all. These ladies were supportive and faithfully helped me over the course of the entire year.

The rest of the fashion show committee worked just as hard in their respective teams. Other committee members: Patricia Ferguson, Debra Latimore, Tara Fowler, Evelyn Cummings, Kathie McCallister, Bonnie Girsch, Lauren Walker, Wendy Grossman, Norma Neuswanger, Sheril Hughes, Kevin Sullivan.  I also have to thank all of our contracted staff: Barbara Martin, Jeanine M. Clarke, Donald Witthoft, Colleen Davick, Robert Ingham, Venu Mallipeddi, Kitt Lyles, Curtis Boysen, Joaquin Garcia, and Roy McGrath. We had over 35 raffle prize contributors, vendors, and other businesses that supported the club through ads and prizes (scholarship proceeds).

Last but not least, the models and designers. There were about 30 people involved in designing, sewing, and modeling the garments on the runway. These people and our guests helped make the fashion show a success.

Would I do it again? "Yes, maybe four years from now." Ms. Karen Harder has the privilege of being the fashion show chair next year. She will do well.

I can't remember if I mentioned the show theme here: "Elements of Glam!; celebrating the earth through fashion". This year's theme was ripe with opportunity for inspiration. With all the work I was responsible for as the fashion show chair, a student and an employee, I couldn't sew something for each segment. At some point, I'm hoping to do so.

Our segments were:

Shades of Blue - Water and Sky
Wind, Water, and Fog - wispy, floating fabrics (chiffon, georgette, etc.)
The Tundra - cold and barren (embellished coat)
Rhonda's Any Way You Want It top (group project)
Shaking It Up -earthquakes, volcanos, avalanches (multiple layers, fringes, ruffles)
Flora and Fauna - floral and/or animal Precious Metals and Stones

Last week I blogged two of my show garments. These were made specifically for the show. My sister modeled two other outfits that were blogged here and here.  I only modeled one outfit, blogged in December.

My thoughts turn to other projects and responsibilities related to the home and work. It's time for spring cleaning: windows, carpets, walls just to mention a few things. My duties at work are changing a bit, and I'll be traveling again soon. I'm especially thankful that the traveling did not start before the fashion show ended. And I'm hoping it will end before school starts up again.

And, I still need a vacation. I'm tired. It would be nice if I could take off an entire month. I miss going to the movie, concerts, plays, and out to dinner.

So these are the things on my mind. In the meantime, Happy Sewing and have a fabulous week! Cennetta


  1. That was a phenomenal undertaking and know that you did an Awesome job. The garments you posted are a clear indication that you Rocked the Fashion Show. Kudos to you and the many that help to make the fashion show possible.

  2. Love the garments and your sister is Gorgeous!! I'm tired just thinking about all you had to do. Enjoy your sewcation it will give you a time to breathe.



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