Sunday, November 1, 2015

Starting the Holiday Sewing with Mood Pale Gold Sequins

I'm posting a second project for Mood Fabrics (MSN) for October.  Why... because I was not all together pleased with how this top turned out (first choice for October post.).  I wanted to achieve the same dramatic affect as the tops drawn on the envelope.  The problem is not the fabric or the pattern but the combination of the two.  This pattern required a fluid knit.

In these picture, I look happy, silly.  Sure... why not.  It's cold in Chicago. I'm freezing.  So my perky attitude helps me get through the photo shoot.

For Grins:  Trick and Treat of the Drape Sequined Top.

Frantically trying to decide (Monday) on my Mood October project, I selected this Pale Gold Sequined fabric from the six boxes from Mood that are carefully guarded at my home.   The online photo does not do it justice and shoppers may miss out on this audacious textile. So below is a picture of the fabric with the pattern envelope.

Sequins have been on my radar for months now and I thought I could get a jump start on my holiday wardrobe.

Needing a super quick project, I selected Vogue 8905, view B.  How easy is this?  One pattern piece to make a chic, relaxed drapey top and out of sequined fabric.  How cute is that?  On with the review.

Pattern Description:  MISSES' TOP: Pullover top has narrow hem. A and B: fitted, center seams are stitched on the right side of fabric. C: loose-fitting, cut on crosswise grain. A, B, C: stitching lines form sleeve openings, wrong side shows on hemline, and center seams A, B. A and C: shoulder openings, purchased bias tape to finish openings C. D: close-fitting.

Sizing:  XS to XXL.  I used a larger pattern, but eliminated some of the width on both sides of the bodice along the vertical stitching lines  (only two yards on hand).

I thought I had it made and selected a very easy pattern.  The challenge came in sewing the sequined fabric.  I spent quite some time removing the sequins from the seam allowances.  Most of the stitching is hemming the edges.  The exposed seam allowances for the center front and back also require a small rolled hem.

Sorry to report that my top does not have the drape of the drawings on the envelope.  I think it is due to the sequins.  It makes the fabric stiff and only a few folds are formed in the areas where the drape should be.

As I said earlier, the construction of the top is very easy and the instructions are too. I will certainly give this pattern another try, but with a much more drapey fabric.  The seam allowance on the right side does take some getting used to.  I'd prefer the traditional finishing instead.

My first version isn't as great as I'd hoped.  But I think this is an easy pattern that can produce great results.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love, love the "silly" shots. So great to see you having fun! The colour is beautiful - you look gorgeous as usual.

  2. I think this is hot! You look great!

  3. Really nice....someone is have a lot of fun!! That really is a very pretty top.

  4. What a gorgeous, elegant top. Just right for the holidays.

  5. the top, Cenetta...supper cute and looks great on you!

  6. I love this! You look so chic! I have got to get this pattern now.

  7. There's nothing prettier than your megawatt smile!

  8. If that exposed front seam allowance were turned into a zippered or faced opening, you would have a nice evening jacket, which might be better suited for this fabric.

  9. I think you look gorgeous in this top, and you're clever to have made it! cathy

  10. I love your top! The fabric is perfect. I don't think I can wear this top; yours looks great and I think you have the height to pull it off well. You will look lovely for the holidays!

  11. I so love this top. I just picked up this pattern, now I can't wait to make it.



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