Sunday, January 3, 2016

Peplum Faille Jacket - Burda 7495

I debated posting this peplum faille jacket because I didn't get a smooth sleeve cap. But after looking through the many projects that I didn't post or review this year (2015), I decided that this jacket was note worthy. Not every project is perfect, and it's always good to share challenges with garment construction.

Black polyester faille was ideal for my Burda 7495 peplum jacket. Unfortunately, it is sold out/no longer carried at Mood. But there are several other faille fabrics currently available.  I have my eye on the black and white poke-a-dot on the first page.

Faille fabrics are tightly woven ribbed textile. It has a glossy look, not shiny like most satins.  If my memory serves me right, it was popular in the eighties. I had several outfits made with faille fabric.

Burda 7495 comes in sizes 10 to 20.  I used 14 with several modifications.  There are two jacket views: one with short pleated sleeves and a double peplum and the other is long pleated sleeves with a single peplum.  Both are attractive to me.  The shape of the lapel is flattering and the peplum gives me the appearance of curvier hips.

I made my usual pattern adjustments:
  • FBA
  • Sway back
  • Prominent shoulder blades

The jacket went together with no problems, except for the sleeve cap areas on either side of the pleats.  It's  not as smooth as I would like.  Everything else was  piece of cake.  I did not like the placement of the second button, in the seam between the jacket and the peplum.  So I moved the first button up a bit and put the second button about a inch or so above the peplum.

So that's about it for my review of this jacket. I'm considering making it again with long sleeves.  This is my final review for 2015.

Parting Shot:  I stayed outside longer than two minutes.  I'm so cold it hurts.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I think your jacket is gorgeous Cennetta, and I am glad you posted it! I didn't even notice the sleeve cap mishap!

  2. Very cute Cennetta. Love the skirt with the boots.

  3. It looks great & I love your skirt as well . I also tend to not blog all items if I do t think they look as good as I thought they would .

  4. This is really cute Cennetta! I had to do a double-take at your skirt because the fabric (which I LOVE, LOVE!) looked so similar to one I'n about to post! It to is red and black but the print is different. Either way, I hope you feel as good in it as you look!

  5. Beautiful - the whole ensemble is gorgeous. And how brave of you to model outside...brrrr.



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