Friday, December 2, 2016

Chanel - A Fresh Take on Finger-less Gloves - Inspiration


Chanel is one of my favorite designers. I just love looking at the beautiful details of the garments and accessories that are post of the Vogue Magazine website. The designs are a great source of inspiration and always leave me wondering what will pattern companies draw from them. In many instances, they have already published a very simple version of some incredibly beautiful design element or garment that graces the runway.


 In this case, I noticed the finger-less gloves on almost every models' hands in the Chanel Fall/Winter 2016 runway. As I scrolled through each picture, I grow more and more fond of the finger-less glove. Some had bracelets on top, other were ruched. All were quite beautiful and helped make the outfit complete.

Simplicity recently published 8273, which covers the a portion of the thumb. While Simplicity 3942, published several seasons ago has the thumb exposed. Both patterns can help make some beautiful versions of the finger-less glove. These is an easy sewing project that offers all sorts of opportunities to make unique gloves. Great for Christmas gifts.

 Happy Sewing!



  1. I've recently become fascinated with fingerless gloves. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sewingkm, Thanks for commenting. I'm certainly going to make some soon.

  2. Karl Lagerfeld is often photographed with fingerless gloves.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Cenetta. These are beautiful images of this style...looking forward to seeing yours.

  4. I agree, thank you so much for sharing Ms. Cennetta! This is a great accessory to fashion!!

  5. love how Chanel manages to make everything look elegant even fingerless gloves. Amazing show!

  6. Gorgeous. I love Chanel's spectacular fabrics, especially the elegant grays and tweeds.



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