Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Inspiration - The Vertical Lines of Valentino Fall 2016

I love looking at fashion show pictures of different designers.  It is such a great source of inspiration.  One of my favorite designers is Valentino.  The designs are so elegant, classy and full of different design elements.  With any collection, there is a general theme or design element that you will see throughout the collection.  Some elements are adacious while others can be as simple as a color.  Often, one design element is a combination of several little details that create a look or style, whether it is vertical lines of intricately worked beads and embroidery.

For my current work in progress, I focused on a very simple design element that I saw throughout the entire collection.  That is vertical lines.  The vertical lines are in many of the garments; they are translated into seams, trims, beads, and patterns in the fabric.  Here are a few garments for the Valentino Fall 2016 collection.

Parting Shots:  My Work in Progress, Simplicity 1011 with 3/4 sleeves.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Vertical lines are such a great design detail in clothing - very slimming!

  2. Your dress looks so beautiful. The fabric is pure perfection! Thanks for sharing the Valentino collection - very inspiring!

  3. Thanks for sharing those images, I hadn't seen them before. I used to do historical costuming, and it's interesting how these were so heavily inspired by Renaissance fashion, except maybe the second to the last black dress. I love the first one, which has an early Tudor neckline that I've always liked, and the fabric is spectacular.

  4. That is going to be SO. Beautiful!! The fabric itself looks as if it has an overlay (under the trim). I've had this post open for days on my latop. I love Valentino, so inspiring.



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