Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I'm Still Here!

This month has been super busy for me.  On the first day, I was able to make two knit tops.  In my mind, I was off to a great start and hoped to post on my blog.  But someway, somehow, I didn't post anything.  I guess I can kinda blame IG for my lack of communication on the ole blog.  I seem to be spending more time on IG and watching YouTube than writing blog posts.

On the June 9th, the Haute Couture Club of Chicago was celebrating another year.  Our June banquet was at the Fortnightly, again.  I love this place and wish we could have it there every year.  At the June banquet we honor the current board of directors and install the new one board.  With the closing of the year, the current President (Rhonda Buss) inspired us with a Dior presentation.  It was wonderful. The imagines from the Dior exhibit were exquisite.  Rhonda's review of the of the exhibit was outstanding.  By the end of her talk, I was thinking about how to incorporate some "Dior" elements into my own creations.  So I'm hoping to do just that in this coming year.

Lowering the Bust Dart

Lowering the Bust Dart 2

Past two weeks, I've spent a lot of my time organizing projects, developing a few tutorials, and making pattern adjustments.  So I have about three "Notes on a Pattern" to post.  In the mist of all of this "sewing preparation" I was also preparing for Sew Camp.

I didn't forget about my own personal challenge of incorporating more neutrals in my wardrobe.  Along with the neutrals, I want I'm adding more greens and reds to my wardrobe.  These colors will soon splash across my blog and IG soon.

Let me not for forget that some of my absenteeism is due to no time to do photography.  Either the lighting in bad, it's raining, or too late in the day to take pictures.  These days I trying to improve upon the display of imagines on my blog and IG. 

Anyway, this concludes my little update.


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