Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Beyonce Experience!

On Saturday night my sisters (other family members), and I attended the Beyonce Concert at the United Center (the Chicago Bulls stadium). Robin Thicke was the opening act. He crooned songs from his album, the Evolution of Robin Thicke. Near the end of his session, he sang his latest hit "If You Believe" then ended with "Lost without You". His performance was pretty good. But nothing compares to the "Beyonce Experience". It was truly an experience! This woman is an entertainer, who can SING! The tickets were very pricey; I first decided not to go, but my sister encouraged me to come along. (She brought my ticket without my approval). Ms. "B" sang my hundred dollars worth and then some. She, the band, and dancers were on stage for two hours. And for two hours the entire act was on 10. The all female band included three drummers, a base guitarist, two pianists, and several other musicians. I don't want to get into the theatrics of the show, as not to give it away. Some of you may be thinking about attending the "Beyonce Experience" when it comes to your town.


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