Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fitting Vogue --- Divine Details 8355

Yesterday was the second fitting of Ms. PB's outfit. During that time we talk about my blog and other sewing projects. I asked Ms. PB if it was okay to publish the process of making her outfit. She didn't mind. So let me back track a little.

I made this outfit for a friend. This is not the first time that I have sewn for Ms. PB. Four years ago she asked me to make an outfit for the same annual event. This time around we started talking about the suit in February. She purchased her own pattern, but wanted me to shop with her.

We purchased the fabric and notion at the Roosevelt Rd Vogue Fabric store in the early part of March. After taking her measurements, I sew a muslins. I ready knew of a few alterations based of her body shape, but decided to make the muslin based on the corresponding measurement of the pattern size chart. So I cut it between a 18 and 20. When Ms. PB tried the muslin, it was BIG. This pattern runs big. On the pattern envelope, the suit is fitted. Ms. PB, of course, preferred the look illustrated on the pattern envelope. So I justed the pattern based of the fit of the muslin.

Here is log of alterations (fit and preference):


Muslin cut between size 18 and 20. The entire pattern had to be scaled down between size 16 and 18.

Skirt - The sides of the skirt were reduced an inch. The length of the skirt was reduced by two inches.

Jacket - The sleeves of the muslin appeared to be longer than 3/4 length. So I shorten them by 2 inches. SBA through pattern pieces 1 and 4. The width of the back was scaled down to size 16 1/2. Swayed back alteration.


I worked on the suit eight hours.


Ms PB gave the okay to publish the making of this suit.
More changes -
Skirt - more fitted. Taken in 1/2" each side. 1 1/2" inch waistband added.
Jacket - Add more stiffness to the collar.


Worked - 5 1/2 hours.

I completed the skirt. Remade the collar. Permanent stitched the peplum to the lower edge of the jacket, attached the bands on the sleeves.


Worked - 3 hours (8-11am).

Continued to work on the jacket. Hand sewed lining to the upper edge of the jacket at the lapel. Slipped stitched open edge of sleeve bands to the sleeves and attached the shoulder pads.

Worked - 2 hours (5:30-7:30pm)

Made button holes and sewed on buttons pressed suit bagged it and delivered to Ms. PB as promised.

4/1/08 9:20am

Ms. PB called me to thank me again for the beautiful job done on her suit.

4/7/08 10:00am

Ms. PB called to thank me again and to tell me of the many compliments received from guests attending the banquet dinner.

My review on PR.

I'm Happy!


  1. You have EVERY right to be! That is SO fab!!! You did a great job and she looks STUNNING!

  2. Wow Wow Wow! That suit is just beautiful and Ms. PB is makin it happen!!! Incredibly craftsmanship - the fitting work you did is really phenomenal. I wish I could make my clothes fit that well. She looks awesome!

  3. Beautiful suit! I thought about getting that pattern at the last Vogue sale, but talked myself out of it since I don't have any event in the near future to wear it to! Your work has made me add it to my wishlist at Club BMV!

  4. Bet you'll be doing this again next year at this time. Impressive!

  5. This is drop dead gorgeous suit. You did an excellent job! But then I knew you would. Really looks stunning on her.

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  7. You did a great job on the dress I had no idea you made it. She looked great at the banquet. Keep on doing wha you do girl. Love Ya!

  8. What an absolutely beautiful suit. Well done.

  9. Thanks you so much for posting this suit and bringing it to life with the extra care only a true professional puts into sewing project. I have this on hand and now have been inspired to make it ASAP just to have around for a special occasion. You know, a special occasion comes up we we ladies are always like "what shall I wear, I have nothing to wear!" To Ms. PB, work it girl. You are wearing that suit!

  10. wow! ms. pb looks FABULOUS! That's a wonderful look on her and you did such a great job with the details.



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