Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Excellence Award

Updated 4/10/08: In accepting my award I must nominate ten people. Hear are my other nominees, which aren't in any particular order. I enjoy equally enjoy reading their blogs:

Karen, Robin, and Jackie nominated me for the Excellence Award. This is such an honor. Personally, I think there are many sewists/bloggers who should be named for this award. Thank you ladies.

Since joining PatternReview and creating my own sewing blog, my strive for "excellence" has increased and I have become more focused. In my mind I considered myself an advanced sewer to some degree. But lately I have found myself trying to live up to that rating. So now I’m setting skill goals and achieving more these days. So many bloggers and PR members have rated themselves as intermediate whom I feel have surpass that rate long ago. I love the cyberspace-creative community; it is a source of inspiration and a greater source encouragement. Each member of the community has something special to offer and I'm grateful to be a partaker and contributor.

Its fun, and I deeply appreciate the comradery among my fellow blogger sewist friends.

I want to pass along this award to a few sewists who, in my opinion, are worthy of such an award. The two outstanding sewists Erica B. and Marji.

Thanks again, Karen and Robin


  1. Thank You Cenetta for your kindness.

  2. Thank you Cennetta.
    I too have found myself stretching the bounds of my sewing knowledge since becoming active on the internet, and I consider that I was well trained. But, there is always more to learn, and there is so much out there. I also love that sewing, which is a pretty solitary activity, has brought so many together in such a supportive way by networking on the internet, which is Why I continue to blog and participate on the message boards.
    I look forward very much to meeting you in a couple of weeks.

  3. Cenetta, I noticed the same thing on pattern review. So many excellent sewists rate themselves as intermediate, but I think they are advanced.

    I have decided I will promote myself to advanced when I get more confident about my fitting skills.
    Another nice thing about the sewing community, we get to call the shots! :)

  4. Congradulations Cennetta! You are great.You bring so much to the creative table.Thank you for nominating me.



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