Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring - Fashion Trends 2008

I'm still trying to write reviews..., Gosh..., How do you do it? Work, sew, blog, reviews..., But in the meantime there are a few fashion trends to be noted.

An Anoraks jacket is on my list of "must make". Marie Claire featured this jacket in their February 2008 issue. Oprah Winfrey is also pictured on a recent issue of "O" magazine sporting an anorak.

McCall's 5635 fits the bill.

Also featured in Maire Claire..., Shirtdresses. They seem to be all the rage. I have a few pattern options in my collection. Vogue recently published the sassy shirtdress (V1048) this season and several fashionistas have added it to their list of dresses to make this spring.


  1. I hvae that same McCall's pattern pulled out. I'm waiting on the perfect fabric, and I'm working on a shirt dress this weekend! Can't wait to finish it up!

  2. Love the anorak look--I almost bought the metallic linen one that J. Jill featured this spring. Then I remembered, "umm, you sew? MAKE the anorak, will ya?" Unfortunately spring is mighty quick here, so it'll be a fall project.

    I also love the shirtdress look, and that will definitely be one I'll be working this spring and summer.

  3. Oh I want an anorak, too!
    And I love Michelle Obama, too. She does dress the best out of all the women we see out there.
    Though I'll give it to Hillary, too. I am liking her bright outfits.

    Gotta pass along this honor- you get an E for Excellence for your blog!!

  4. A Little Sewing on the Side - I agree that Hillary as upped her "cute quotient" these days. She is right on target with the color palette with the fashion trends. Thank you for the honor. Although I think I'm far from it.

  5. The Vogue pattern is fierce.. I have yet to try a vogue pattern, looking forward to your dress. Thank you for the lovely comment on by blouse.



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