Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman

Paul Newman dies at 83.


  1. Oh, this makes me so sad...

    I may just have to blog about how I am in a Paul Newman movie.

  2. rest in peace. I think that was the most handsome man in the world, it is not true ?.... greetings, Paco

  3. I keep wanting to say its not so. I remember reading/hearing somewhere he had been sick.

    May he rest in peace.

  4. Yes, he's gone:-( How many guys as old as he was (in the movie where he was with Kevin Costner and Robin Wrigth Penn, can't remember the name of the film, sorry! about ten years old, Kevin Costner was building boats)can look hot? He did, big way.I've always been attracted to him, he was also a good actor not just a pretty face.

  5. Cennetta.-

    I got a prize for you in my blog. hugs and goodnight. Paco

  6. it's hard not to admire Paul Newman for putting his money to work in such productive ways, such as his Newman's Own line--high quality stuff and the proceeds go to good causes... very smart.



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