Monday, September 22, 2008

Straight Lace - New Look 6824

New Look 6824

I made this dress to wear on the climax of our annual Unity Conference (church) and to celebrate my birthday. Lace is all the rage this year. So I decided to incorporate it into my dress. For the conference, the women dressed in white/ivory and the men dressed in black suits. Hence my color selection.

Pattern Description: Misses Design Your Look Dresses. This pattern includes a variety of necklines, skirts, and sleeves style that can be mixed and matched. I chose the combination of B+C+E+G.

Pattern Sizing: 8 - 18. I made size 14 with my usual fitting adjustments.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? As far as the lines of the illustration, yes it looks like the drawing. I made a few changes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, they were easy to follow. I noticed that there was no instruction to stay stitch the front bodice. I did before clipping the allowance and attaching the side front bodice.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like the various options of this pattern, "mixing and matching pattern pieces. You can get a lot of use out of this pattern, creating several different dresses. The pattern also had the vintage style of the 60's, which I love. My dislike is that there were no instructions on how to incorporate lace into the design of the dress. See view B+D+G.

Fabric Used: Polyester lace,dull satin, and lining purchased from Hancock's Fabric.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I made my usual fitting adjustments and added lace to the design of the dress.

Front bodice - FBA

Back Adjustment- The necklines of most New Look patterns are too wide for me. So I folded out the excess and rotated the decrease to the waist dart. I also added to the shoulder and armhole seam for more move across my upper back. The one thing that I forgot to do was the sway back adjustment. It does not look too bad, but I recognized it was needed for this particular dress.

Added 2" to the length of the skirt.


I couldn't find adequate instructions on how to incorporate lace into the dress so I followed/created my own method. I also wanted to use the scalloped edge of the lace at the hem of the sleeves and skirt. So I cut the lace crosswise placing the lace even with the unfinished hemline. I finished the edges of the skirt and sleeves for the satin only. Next, I hemmed each portion of the skirt and sleeves before sewing the pieces together. Then I joined the lace to each piece of the dress, no lace on the collar. After that I constructed the dress following the pattern instructions.

My preference is to completely line my dresses. So I cut the skirt lining to match that of the dress, shortening it by 1 1/2", then attached it at the waistline after machine stitching the hem and back slit.

Dress inside out

I also made a sash, cutting a piece a fabric 5 1/2" inches wide and 55 inches long.

Dress and Sash

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I will use this pattern again as there are more design options. And yes I would recommend it to others. It's not difficult to sew and gives the sewers some creative options by combining various bodice and skirt designs within the pattern and with other patterns.

I bought these shoes to wear with the dress, but decided to wear the pair photographed.

Here is my flickr photo set.

Conclusion: I really like this dress. It suits me. My DD says it's very June Cleaver-ish and is not a surprise that I like this style or pattern. A beginner could sew this pattern with no problems.


  1. Phenomenal dress! Thanks for all the details.

  2. You truly live up to your blog name in this dress. Fantastic!

  3. Beautiful dress and as usual it looks great on you. You always do such a wonderful job and give great detail.

  4. Looks very nice Great job. Cute.:)

  5. well I guess this pattern is a must have
    this dress is phenomenal indeed
    I think someone can actually use this as a wedding dress if many situtions, its stunning on you too and the shoes, well, you know its hot, I can see the smile on your face as I type.

  6. Beautiful dress! Thanks for all the details. They are very helpful.

  7. What a beautiful dress, and such a great fit.

  8. Great dress and perfect for the occasion. It may be a June Cleaver dress, but some young girl is trolling through vintage stores right now looking for one just like it!

  9. How about June Cleaver 2008? The dress is beautiful and looks so nice on you!

  10. I gotta tell ya! June Cleaver NEVER looked this good :) !! You are a match for Grace Kelly, not June.

  11. I think the dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  12. This is a very beautiful dress! Happy birthday, hope you have a great year!

  13. So elegant! You really do look lovely in that dress and it is so right in style now.

  14. Thanks, everyone. I absolutely love this dress. It's comfortable and stylish. Sunday I received loads of compliments. Several people asked if I could make one for them. ;-)

  15. GORGEOUS! So vintage-y and perfect. I love the way you're wearing your hair with it.

  16. You look so chic and elegant in the wonderful dress.Marvelous!

  17. That is a lovely dress, and it suits you well. V sophisticated look.
    I really like the New Look options for all the elements they're including in their patterns.

  18. You look so classy in this! Just beautiful!!!!

  19. just beautiful....inspiring again... :o)

  20. Cennetta .- this dress is admirable. his clothing, fabric ... However, it is impeccable. Congratulations. Best wishes, Paco

  21. Girl this is way better than the pattern envelope! Just gorgeous!

  22. Truly Diva like!! Outstanding!



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