Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cadena! The Ultimate Fashion Inspiration

This is my favorite silhouette. I love the lace skirt. I would have chosen a different color for the belt though.

On Friday, I picked up my Cadena Spring 2010 catalog. This is my all time favorite fashion magazine. The fashion and illustration are superb.

Love, love. This lace is simply beautiful.

This season they feature layers, fluid and jacquard fabrics in a variety of silhouettes. Every page has something to like. I went through the magazine about five times before deciding which fashion I would share for inspiration. It was HARD. So I ended up selecting about nineteen outfits as favorites only posting a few of them here. The magazine is worth buying. Trust me.

Fishman's (312-922-3396) has a few left for sale. The cost is $30.00. Asked for Patricia; she handles the sale of Cadena magazine. In the store, they also have the catalog with all the fabric featured in the magazine. You can special order it from Cadena.

Here we go!

The jacket on the left has so many great design elements. The belt, two length sleeves, rolled/scrolled collar. Love it.

Tones of grey. The cinched waist is also a feature in many of the details. The fabric is

Tier or layers is one of the featured elements of this season's Cadena magazine.

The piping is great in this jacket. I like the brown/beige hues of the outfit. One of my goals is to add piping to a garment.

I like the colors of these outfits.

Simple Chic

Happy Sewing!


  1. I've heard of Cadena before, but I have never been anywhere that has the fabrics for sale. What about the patterns they show in the magazine? How expensive are the fabrics?
    Also, I got my Vogue Patterns magazine today and they are showcasing fabric shopping in Chicago.

  2. Definitely drool-worthy. The clothes are gorgeous. Lot's of good ideas here. Hope you don't mind if I print out some of the images for my idea book.

  3. Oh my goodness - that piped jacket is a dead ringer for the new McCall's jacket - 6039!!
    Those are some amazing styles. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. You own good taste is evident in the selections that you chose to post.

  5. Nancy K - I don't think they sale patterns. But I can check with Patricia. The fabric is very, very high end. Thanks for asking.

  6. These garments are gorgeous...I "love" pretty much all of them but my favorite is the Simple Chic one.

  7. What wonderful garments! So inspiring. Thanks for posting.

  8. That rolled collar is very cool. I also like that swirly fabric slim dress.
    I have never heard of this magazine.

  9. Ooooh! I love these, Cenetta. You have a wonderful eye!

  10. These garments are all so very gorgeous.

  11. The simple chic is very nice. I love the vivid mix of color and patterns in all the garments.

  12. Very inspirational! I particularly love that tiered dress.

  13. Yea, thanks for the lesson! Love the piped jacket & the simple chic, and the B/W dress is the best.

  14. I've never heard of this company but i am definitely going to attempt the polka dot top.....toooo cute!

    I pressed follow and look forward to reading your upcoming posts:)

  15. Cadena is a Spanish magazine that sells only fabric, no pattern. The fabrics are very, very expensive .... I know because I work with them

  16. I've never heard of Cadena before but those clothes are certainly lovely! Esp. the shades of grey dresses.

  17. The garments are beautiful. My favorite is the iridescent apricot dress and the simply chic.

  18. Wow! I liked the last few outfits that you shared...just awesome!



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