Friday, March 11, 2011

Spreading It Thin - Update on Fashion Show Activities

My, my, my!! Spreading it thin is how I have been living lately.

I'm almost finished with the five "new" dresses for the fashion show. Tomorrow is the garment review. We have to bring in the garments, shoes, and other accessories. If someone is modeling the garment other than the sewist, they must come too. The session includes putting on the outfit and taking a picture. So that means my sister and daughter will also come.

I had planned to make a jacket as well, but I ordered the fabric too late. I'm still waiting for it. I hope it comes today.

My sister said, "You should stop posting about the progress of the fashion show garments. Everyone will see your entries." So I haven't posted any updates. I have finished the Burda dress and two LBD's. The red and black dress for DD is almost done. The black and purple mylar dot dress is nearly done as well.

In the midst of the fashion show garments, I have managed to get three client projects. The first is a dress for Ms. Paulette Bell; the muslin is done and fitted, but I can't think about it until I get the show clothes done. Also I have two vests for another client. On top of that, I need to call a few people who want clergy robes. ..., Oh yeah, my cousin asked me to make her a coat, like the black simplicity coat I made winter 2009.

Last week I started feeling a little selfish because I haven't sewn anything for myself. Spring is coming and I still have several things cut for winter that I don't want to leave undone. But spring is coming! I picked up my Cadena magazine last week. It's loaded with inspiration. I already know that I will make something coral, mint green, and yellow.

So this post only has one photo. The back of the Burda dress.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the back of your dress! The fashion show sounds like fun & lots of hard work!! Cant wait to see the rest of your collection!

  2. Wow you have been very busy and productive! I definitely think you deserve to be a little bit 'selfish' and make something fabulous for yourself real soon - your colour picks sound lovely.

  3. Beautiful stylelines! Can't wait to get the full scoop on your fashion show.

  4. Oh wow! You've sewn that really stylish far out Burda dress with the leather panels on the sides! I can't wait to see the final "reveal" picture.

    You have been really productive. I don't blame you for wanting to sew something nice for yourself by now!

  5. You are very busy and handling it well. Looking forward to reading about your Fashion show.

  6. I am SO where you are: Can't post any wedding "reveals;" can't sew selfishly for spring either-- although I did make my MOB dress. (But honestly, when will I wear it again, hmm?) I'm embellishing it now and doing practice hairdos. Our event's not a fashion show, but a wedding is most definitely a statement of style. Our particular "style" just happens to be, "Thanks. I made it."

    The bride's ensemble's coming along superbly and I even have enough silk and taffeta underlay for a second wedding day dress. She loves her wedding dress immensely, but truthfully: I think we're both more excited about the Going Away dress!

    Cennetta, I canNOT wait to see all your photos!!!

  7. You sew well under pressure. Love that dress too.

  8. Sounds like lots of sewing excitement going on for you. Yay! Good luck with the show! Can't wait to see final reveals!

  9. Great fit on this dress C! Your skills are showing fantastically with the fit!! Good luck on the rest and can't wait for the reveal on other garments!!

  10. You have been so busy! Looking forward to seeing your show entries.

  11. What a beautiful dress
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  12. Gosh you really nailed this dress - after all the struggle, the finished product is perfect.



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