Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Dress Challenge 2011 - Sewing and Fitting PT IV

First, thanks everyone for your comments on my recent sewing projects. As always, I appreciate your kind words.

This weekend I sewed and did a preliminary fitting of my Dress Sew Along project. I know I'm already seven days past the deadline, but that's all right. The dress looks good. And I wanted to share my progress.

I really like the way this dress is coming together.  Sewing silk is a dream.

I must admit, sewing the underlining to the fashion fabric was not my favorite part of this process.  My stitches are looonnng. Lol

As I was fitting the bodice, I kept forgetting that I made larger seam allowances to help with the fitting.  The lower armholes crumble in my armpits.  I will trim off the excess before I add the sleeve caps.

No zipper yet.  I thought I had one.  Yesterday I picked up a sage invisible zipper.  May be I'll put it in tonight.

Here's a full front view of the underlining.  It gives the dress a little more body.  The silk is a lighter weight dupioni.  Holding it to the light, I can see through it.  So the underlining and lining will make the dress opaque.

Parting Shot:  My friend, Patti Ferguson, gave me this beautiful 4-ply silk charmeuse.  The Haute Couture Club has a "Sew Red" challenge this fall.  I'll use it for that challenge.  Thanks again Patti.

By next week I should have the zipper and the sleeves in.  May be I'll have the lining sewn together as well.  Until then, Happy Sewing!


  1. OM goodness! That is going to be a perfect fit!

  2. It'll be a stunning garment! Well done.

    The charmeuse is lovely. Anticipate you sharing tips on sewing with this fabric. I lined The Baby's wedding column dress with silk charmeuse. Heavenly stuff which I'd never before used.

  3. Gorgeous! Underlining the duppioni is the best way to go; it not only strengthens the seams but keeps it from wrinkling as badly, and it does give you that extra depth that says quality. Can't wait to see it on you.

  4. This will definitely be an absolutely gorgeous dress and you must review with you in it please!!

  5. oh, you're the first of the three of us to use that fabric! It looks amazing. Can't wait to see it all finished!

  6. The duppioni dress is stunning! Love how it's coming together, Cennetta. And that 4-ply silk will yield a wonderful garment for the "Lady in Red" challenge--

  7. This dress is so pretty! I can't wait to see it finished. And what a nice gift to receive the charmeuse. I am anxious to try sewing with silk charmeuse. Have you sewed with it before? I haven't bought any yet, but I have my eye on some. I'd love to make a pair of those peg legged slouchy pants I'm seeing this season.

  8. I can see this is gonna be a beautiful dress. And just my style! I like the green running through the silk.

  9. It just looks so pretty with the organza underlining! Can you wear it inside out? LOL This is going to be gorgeous.

  10. Oh, wow, is that gorgeous. What a beautiful color, can't wait to see the dress on you.

    Silk charmeuse is just fabulous stuff. I love it for nighties.

  11. This will be an absolutely fabulous dress! It looks so nice with the fabric, Is hard sewing these fabric??



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