Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Colors! Colors! Spring 2014

I'm sure by now everyone knows the Pantone "It Color" for Spring 2014 is dazzling blue.  It's not your regular ole dark blue or navy.  It's bright, bold and fresh.  This eye catching hue is the perfect catalyst to jump start your 2014 wardrobe. 

I'm sure we will be seeing many of the other Pantone colors for Spring 2014.  There are four colors from this palette that are in my own personal color palette: dazzling blue, radiant orchid, celosia orange and sand.

That brings me to my next thought:  Do you follow the colors trends?  Or do you base your seasonal color palette on the colors that best suit your skin tone?

Last week I started playing around with different color combinations in my personal color palette.  Most of them are fall-ish, but the work well with my skin tone.

The next group of palettes are colors I want to incorporate into my wardrobe.

So what color combinations are you thinking about adding to your wardrobe?

 Happy Sewing!


  1. I don't usually follow the color trends, but this spring, my pale gray is 'in' with Paloma. I like yellow, so the freesia will work for me. I love that bright blue and it works well with grays. I have a piece of silk near that blue.

  2. That dazzling blue really calls to me. I definitely use the colors that work for me not necessarily what's on trend. And that fabulous blue works!

  3. I don't follow color trends; instead, I choose colors that I like and that look good on me. I *just* cut out a jacket in this dazzling blue because I really wanted it. I didn't know it was a trend.

  4. Oh adore that blue ! I don't try to follow the pantone colours, but assume they'll influence me through the media and what's available in the shops.

  5. Absolutely do not follow color trends. (I think it's a silly notion, sorry.) Much better to wear what looks good with my hair, skin, and eyes (and which I love), although I do admit to disregarding this sometimes and wearing colors that I know aren't my best.

  6. Thank you ladies for sharing your thoughts on color and trends. I really like the shade of dazzling blue. I think it would be great with peacock green.

    Happy sewing and have a fantastic weekend.

  7. Hi Cennetta. I dont fallen colour trends. Im either drawn to a shade or away from it. I find that my shade of black skin looks terrible in pale/wishy-washy colours! !



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