Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mood Fabrics Swatch Club

Every once in a while, I request swatches of a few fabrics I'm interested in just to see how they actually look and feel in person before I decide to buy yardage for a sewing project.  Yesterday, I was surprised to receive a box full of beautiful fabric swatches.

The first thing I notice was the cute sturdy box.  It looked like a gift.  When I opened the box, inside there was a gift, a set of 25 "big" swatches to gaze at, to feel, and to decide how much of each I'd like to purchase.

There is a wide variety of textiles, my box included a mini sequins, silk chiffon, two weights of denim, knits, and some polyesters and viscoses.  Just a beautiful array of fabrics, something for every occasion and lifestyle.

I mentioned "big" because I never received swatches this large before from any swatch club.  There was no newsletter type booklet included to staple the swatches to.  But the little gift box did include a coupon, booklet of potential ideas.

If you are interested in joining the Mood Fabric Swatch Club click on the link:  Mood Swatch Club  for details.  There are three subscription options that you can enjoy.

Happy Fabric Shopping!

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  1. It looks very nice! I love that floral fabric with the stripes!



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