Tuesday, October 9, 2018

DD's Swimsuit - No Longer A UFO! Butterick 6358 and McCall 7578

I'm so happy to finally post my first swimsuit ever.  I cut this suit out early LAST year for my daughter.  While organizing my September projects, I found this on top of one of my "to make" bags of sewing projects.  Mentally, I'm shook my head and said, "This does not make any sense."  Sew this up today.  And I did.  It was literally the first project that I finished in September.

My DD wanted a bikini and selected the top of McCall-view A M7578 and bottom Butterick-view B  B6358.  Of course, anything for the kid, I mean almost anything. Wink, wink.  We went to JoAnn's to get the fabric.  They have a fairly large selection of activewear fabrics.  For this suit, we didn't need I lot. 

I used a Schwertz microtex sewing needle, size 12

So, let me start with the bikini pants.  B6358 - Lined swimsuits are close-fitting, cut on crosswise grain, and elasticized.  B: Tie ends.  I used size 12.

I loved making these.  This was a fun project that turnout very well.  The fit was spot on.  The cute little tie and the peep hole add interest to a common bikini style.  Sorry no pictures of her wearing the suit.  I tried.., she said, "No, photo shoot for me." 

I followed the instruction and had no problems.  They really went together in no time at all.  They are completely lined with a white swim knit. I used a 3/8" cotton elastic for the legs and the center back section.  To finish the elasticized seams, I used a stretch zigzag stitch.  I finished the waistband on the serger.  That's it.  No time at all to make them.

Next, for the bra I used McCall 7578, view A.  It's really a workout top (to me anyway); my DD wanted to use it instead of the bikini bra that is include with Butterick 6358. 

M7578 -  It's described as close-fitting lined pullover bra with front and back princess seams.  I contracted the front and back to match the bikini pants.  Again, I used size 12, with modifications this time.

The bra was also easy to sew and is fully lined.  I just followed the instructions and had no problems.  Once I sewed the outer shell together, she tried it on.  Unlike the bikini pants it was too large in the bust area.  I simply increase the depth of the seams to get a better fit.  For the front and the neckbands I could have used size 10 instead. 

All in all both projects went together very quickly with minimal adjustments needed.  This experience has encouraged me to try a few more swimsuit projects.

Stay Tune!

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  1. This is the cutest!! I am sure you felt amazing to get a UFO done.



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