Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sew Cargo Crazy - Cargo Pants and Skirt The Final Chapter - Simplicity 5102

This is the final post for my Sew Cargo Challenge!  It was so much fun.  All four cargo projects were made with Mood Fabrics.  For my last two cargo projects, I used Marine Blue Organic Cotton Twill  for the cargo pants and the cargo skirt is a floral denim that I purchased in 2017 during a visit to the New York Mood store.  You can see the denim in the stack of fabric below, the third one from the top:

Both textiles yield fantastic results being easy to press and manipulate.  In some cases I could fold and crease with my hand.  The marine blue is so vibrant and bold.  A great stand up color.  Luckily, this is one of 16 fabulous colors.  There is something for everyone.  No worries about this one being out of stock.  It's a reorder fabric that is rarely out of stock.

As for the cute floral stretch denim, it's a designer closeout fabrics.  If you like the idea of a floral denim skirt, click here to check out some lovely options.

Now for the deets on my final two projects, Simplicity 5102 Sew Cargo Challenge.

These last two were for my DD.  When I told her about the challenge, she didn't hesitate to let me know that she'd like a pair of pants too! ;-).  Of course, I didn't mind.  To start, I continued using view C as my basic pant pattern extending the pant leg.  The fourth projects was the skirt view E, zipper pockets no trim at the bottom.

Pants - Changes:

  • The upper pocket was extended about 2.5 inches for more storage room.  Rhonda mentioned making this change for her second pair, and I thought it was a good idea.  
  • Added two more smaller pockets on top of the upper pockets.  This was more a design element vs. utilitarian feature.  But the pockets can hold some coins.
  • Like my other two pair, I lengthen the pant leg and added a waistband with zipper fly.
  • Added two buttons to the pocket lap one on each corner.
  • For the hem believe it or not, I miscalculated the length.  When I first hemmed them, they were right at her ankle.  Too close to being "high-waters".  So I added length by creating a hem band similar to a neck band.  I finished the hem by stitching the hem band to the already folded original hem if that makes sense.  
That's it.  

Does she like them?  Of course she does.  For this photo shoot, she wore these "different" looking shoe boots.  Too much for me!  Tee Hee.  But they are just right for her.  Anyway, we took a few silly shots.  She claimed to test the durability and movement of the fabric.  Hmmm..,  Okay, now for the skirt.

Skirt - Changes:
  • The decorative zippers used for it were purchased several years ago.  I was so happy to finally use them.  I created, of course, functional pockets.  This was another opportunity to "practice" welt pocket technique. I.e., making the rectangle window.
  • One pocket was added to the back of the skirt.  
  • Added an inch to the length.
  • omitted the trim at the bottom of the skirt.

So, this is the conclusion of my projects for the Sew Cargo Challenge.  Rhonda and I had hoped that others would join us.  And I did notice on Instagram that a few sewists decided to make cargo pants using a different pattern designs.  That's great.  We hope to encourage and inspire others to sew and share they works.

You have to check out Rhonda's Sew Cargo posts.  For her second pair we used the same fabric but in different colorways.  Rhonda made some very interesting details to the pockets design.  She also added a beautiful trim along the side of the leg.  I love her idea and may try it for myself.

Rhonda's 2nd Pair - Made with Mood
It's always a pleasure and always fun to share my sewing adventures.

Parting Shots:  All four of my Sew Cargo Challenge projects.  All blog posts are here.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I've sew enjoyed seeing and reading all these cargo posts. Thanks for sharing and peaking my interest in this style. Karen

    1. Thank you Karen. I was fun sewing and sharing the process and the challenge. Rhonda and I will probably make a few more cargo pants before the fall season sets in. So stay tuned. Thanks again. Cennetta

  2. This was a lot of work, with very nice results! Your daughter's cargo skirt is quite pretty! I'm sure she loves the zipper bling.

    1. Thanks Marjie. You guessed it. Both skirt and pants are a hit.

  3. This is a fun project and a good looking one too.

  4. Your challenges has provided us with some great clothing to look at. Your daughter's pants and skirt fit amazingly well. Beautiful daughter and clothing! I really enjoyed this challenge between you and Rhonda.



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