Monday, July 27, 2020

Sewing For My Sweet Pea - Simplicity S1803

While looking at fabric options for a sundress for me, guess what happened?  My Sweet Pea enters my sewing room and sees all my possible fabric sections


Sweet Pea - What's up?
Me - Planning my next projects for summer.
Sweet Pea - Oh this is pretty.  Can I get a dress please?
Me - Well, okay.  You sure you want this fabric?
Sweet Pea - Oh yes.
Me - Okay then.  What style would you like?
Sweet Pea - Anything, Mama.  You pick.  Thanks.

Sweet Pea leaves the room.  Me feel like what just happened?  I wanted that fabric for me.  Lol

Anyway, Sweet Pea got a new dress in the middle of me planning a new dress for myself.  Got to appreciate a daughter who allows her mother to pick, choose, and sew clothes for her.

I made it easy on myself.  I selected a pattern that I've used before. Yet again. Lol  Simplicity S1803

For this version, I used a different bodice and sleeve style.  I also lengthen the dress by a few inches.  Unlike before, I kept it simple using the instructions, no beading or tulle.  Just a simple sundress

The fabric is a stretch cotton twill that I ordered from Mood Fabrics several years ago.   This color is not available any longer, but Mood does have a similar print on a white background available, 307111.

Needless to say, she likes it.  What not to like?  Anyway, I made her two matching masks out of the leftover remnants.

So that's it for now.  Short and sweet.

Parting Shots:  Beautiful flowers in Veterans Memorial Park.  This is one of our favorite places to take pictures of my handmade treasures.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Beautiful daughter and beautiful dress Cennetta! If a child who is older than 12 asks her mother to sew for her, it is a great compliment for the mother’s sewing! I know what I am talking about, lol! 😉

  2. A very lucky daughter and Mom too. The dress is very pretty.

  3. so different from the first version! very cute and perfect for summer

  4. S1803 is such an awesome pattern and I currently have it in my bin in the sewing room as I want to make a black and white version soon :)

    It looks amazing on her!



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