Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Fall Is In The Air - Sewing Plans Blue and Red Wardrobe Capsule 2020


 Fall is in the air and it time for me to start planning what I want to sew in the upcoming months.  To continue my general wardrobe capsule planning, the next color theme is blue and red.  My planning strategy was born out of the fabric colors in my collections.  I have several yardages of blue and red tones. 

Above is a picture of my color palette fan, the same palette that I use to purchase fabric, to show you some of the blue and red tones that will be appearing on my blog this fall. The overall palette fan has limited shades of blue and red.  I'll also include darker shades of blue and red, like black navy and maroon.  These two colors will be the principle  shade of the garments that I will make.  


I'm not done with the Green Wardrobe Capsule.  There is more to come.  My plan was to include two more garments with the first segment, but I decided to start the new capsule for fall.  

 Moving from the infamous UFO bind to the sewing table, is a silk crepe blouse, McCall M6512, that I started at least six years ago. It's been cut and bagged all this time. I hope it still fits. ;-)



Another project is my McCall M6041 jacket that I started a started sewing a few weeks ago.  These are just a few things I hope to make during the fall months ahead.  


Parting Shot:  One of my favorite restaurants, Francesca's on Taylor Street, near downtown Chicago, is permanently closed after many, many years of service.  This was the gathering place for me and my dear co-workers and friends.  We celebrated birthdays, Christmas, Fridays, pay days, etc. at this wonderful place.

 Happy Sewing!




  1. Enjoy hearing about your wardrobe plans but so sad to have a favorite restaurant closing its doors. Karen

  2. I always enjoy your posts and seeing your thought process come to life. One question I have is who did your color analysis? Thanks.

    1. Thank you, CCO. Ethel Harms in Portland need my color analysis. She is an affiliate of Palmer/Pletsch. Thank you again.



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