Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September Hat Challenge - Inspiration and Pattern Review Vogue V7784


I decided to participate in Carol's September Hat Challenge.  It was an opportunity to get one more thing off my sewing to do list.  You see, I'd plan to make a Dior inspired hat months ago when I saw an ad in a fashion magazine.  Carol's challenge was all I needed to get moving on it.  


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and my mask making, I've been going through bin after bin of fabric searching for cottons to use for masks.  In my search, I reacquainted myself with all the beautiful remnants I have stored away for the perfect accessory project.  I pulled several pieces from the bins and tossed them into the washer to freshen them up.  I chose to use this lovely brocade from Vogue Fabrics and a medium weight black faille from Mood Fabrics for the hat;  Remnant lining from a coat that I made last year and a 1" gross grain ribbon leftover from a skirt project.  That's a lot of leftover pieces.  Good thing is I've documented my sewing journey on this blog and in journals to help me keep track of all the wonderful sewing experiences that I've had over the years.  


For my project, I used a Patricia Underwood Vogue pattern, (V7784).  It's OOP, but you can find a copy on Etsy or Ebay.

There are seven lined hats of various shapes and sizes. I used view D.  The brim on the pictured hat appears to be stiffer than my brim.  But overall the design and look of the hat is the same.  Next hat, I'll interface the entire hat for a stiffer finish.  

The instructions were easy to follow and there weren't any confusing steps.  I did make a few changes though.  After stitching the under and upper brims together, I under stitched the outer edge for a polished finish.  Then I proceeded with channel stitching the brim.  Because the back brim is smaller than the front, I decreased the distance of the stitching beginning at three inches before the center back and three inches after the center back.  Also, I contrasted the under brim with the back faille because there wasn't enough of the brocade to make two brims.

I bought this pattern almost two decades ago.  Simply, I liked the design/style of the hats and knew one day I would make them for myself or for someone.  Luckily, this pattern was perfect for the inspired Dior hat.  My favorite part of this view is the detailing on the crown and the channel stitching on the brim. 

This was the first but not the last hat.  I already have remnants ready to go for the second one.  A dear friend was over yesterday and she loved the hat.  My DD wants to take my new hat!  So, already I need to make at least two more of this view alone.  ;-)


I do recommend this pattern to others.  Especially, those who want to use up some of their short yardages and who may consider this as a gift item.  It's easy to sew and the instructions are simple. The end results is a beautiful hat custom made to your desire.

Happy Sewing!



  1. Your hat is lovely and you look lovely in it.

  2. Lovely hats, and they look wonderful on you.

  3. What a fantastic looking hat and it really suits you.

  4. This looks so lovely on you. I am so impressed with how you brought down the channels of your quilting as you went to the back of the hat, so even, wow. You wear it well!



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