Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fitting - The McWilliams Bridal Party

Thursday evening the bridal party for the McWilliams wedding came for their first fitting. Everyone was excited and anxious for their turn. All of the ladies were pleased with the progress that I had made, and I sensed relief from the bride that things were moving in a positive direction. sigh, sigh ..., I'm happy too. After the fittings, the ladies seemed very comfortable and not in a hurry to leave. Everyone was engaged in lively conversations about the wedding and life in general. So I offered them refreshments while apologizing for the lack of cooked food. Everyone was content with wine, juice, or water. I've never fit a group this large in one session. Lately, I have found that the fewer scheduled appointments for the same group works best for me. For the final fitting I plan to have a few snacks. You live and learn. I'm glad they felt comfortable in my space. This weekend I plan to put a major dent in the remaining construction of the six dresses.



  1. Hi Cennetta,
    This is a new adventure for me, sewing for others (for profit). I'll be watching your progress and taking notes!

  2. Sure thing, Erica. I'm still learning. This year I've sewn a lot for others. When I'm done with the wedding parties, I plan to sit down a draft some terms and conditions. I also need to create a basic price list. The majority of my clients are friends/family or referrals from friends/family, which makes it difficult to charge competitive prices for my services. My sisters tease me often saying, "You have bargain basement prices for custom sewing." Of course I don't charge them anything.



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