Friday, February 13, 2009

Jumpsuit - Fashion Trend 2009

The chic jumpsuit is back!
Best for:
Tall, lean frames

How To Wear it:
Solid dark color, with a nipped in waist or a belt

Wear with jacket
Wear to work
With fancy heels, it's a sub for a cocktail dress

Buy it:
$396, or make it!



  1. I plan on wearing some jumpsuits this year. I found a few vintage patterns to make some with. You can make them look really elegant as well as casual.

  2. That looks so elegant and fancy. If you make it up, it will look fantastic on you.

  3. I wish I had the height to pull this one off. I love the look!

  4. I'm sorry I'm going to go against the grain. I can't see myself wearing that. I guess I don't like the look. When I seen the title I was thinking something else. Its a nice pattern but I don't think I can wear it. :) If you make it please take some pictures because I want to see how it looks. Maybe I can get the courage to try it.

  5. Although I'm not sure I'll wear one, I do have some lovely 70's and 80's jumpsuit patterns that I'll be digging out for a look see. Maybe I'll be brave and give this look a go! You'll look great in a jumpsuit.

  6. Thanks, everyone. It's good to hear what others think about the current fashion trends.

  7. This may sound totally juvenile, but that model in the black looks like she's pulling out a wedgie! LOL!



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