Monday, February 2, 2009

And The Stitching Goes On

This weekend I got a lot of sewing done. None of it was for me, but it felt great to finish three projects. All of them for clients.

The first was a dress for a ten year ago first aider (church). One of my friends asked if I would make the dress for their young member. I agreed to do it at no cost except for the material and notions. I actually finished this dress the last Sunday of January. But took a look at the measured length of the skirt and noticed that it was too long. So I shorten it by four inches and re hemmed the dress. This was a easy, easy project. After the seams were finished, it only took a few hours to make. It's nothing fancy. White linen blend from Hancock's, four buttons, all work done on the machine except for the hem. Full review and pictures later this week.

Second project was two Afro-centric outfits for another friend who fellowships at my place of worship. The original order was two head wraps and two skirts. As we talked about what kind of skirt and how long, she decided to add a jacket to one of the orders. All of the seams were finished the week before. So Friday and Saturday I put the outfits together. All sewing done by machine. More easy projects. Full review and pictures later.

A forth project is altering to a London Fog coat for a gentleman. This is an interesting project. The coat is a little too big in the back and sleeves. So I started the process by opening the lining in one of the sleeves to get to the interior of the coat. The adjusts were temporarily stitched. I wanted the client to try the coat on first to make sure the adjustments were correct. Believe it or not, I was excited about this particular alteration. The inside gave me a bird's eye view of the construction of a man's overcoat. There is a lot of padding and even seam binding at the armholes. This is a neat little learning experience for me. I am for the most part, a visual learner. This helps me with future coat construction techniques. I'll show a picture or two of the inside.


  1. Oh yes, please post a few pictures! Visual learner myself so I share in your excitement :))

  2. how do you find time to do all of this sewing? From your blog I know you are a working woman. I can barely finish a blouse in one Please tell me your secret....I need serious

  3. Can't wait to see how everything is coming along. :) Sitting on the edge of my chair.:)

  4. Thanks, ladies. This week has really been one. We just finished another deadline; now we are in the middle of a system upgrade two servers to migrate and three to test. So I hope to post something soon.

    Opal - I really try to get a little sewing done during the week and at least five hours on the weekend. Especially during this sub-zero days.
    Happy Sewing!

  5. Looking forward to your FOs and especially the innards of the London Fog jacket.

  6. So interesting! I totally understand and agree with the visual learner thing.



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