Monday, November 22, 2010

Catching up - Ramblings!

Man oh man! It's been a while. There is so much to catch up on. I wanted to give a few highlights. Later for the details. I have enough material to post something every other day for the next two months. So I'm getting started.

First, many thanks to all who visit my blog and special thanks to those of you who comment and compliment. You are kind and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Haute Couture Club Meeting - I attended the November 6th meeting. Peach Carr from Project Runway was our guest speaker. So exciting to hear about some of the behind the scene happenings at Project Runway. She was a delightful inspiration. Our annual Holiday luncheon will be held at the Terzo Piano (Art Institute of Chicago). Afterward the group will visit the Textile Exhibit.

Teaching - A few months ago, someone asked if I would teach them how to sew. You can imagine how good I felt about them asking, surprised too. We started November 6th. It's big fun. More people have asked since. Little known fact..., As a kid I wanted to become a teacher. It's such a wonderful profession. Obviously, my career choices do not clearly coincide with this desire. But over the years, I've found myself always teaching something: Taught my daughter to read at three; taught supervised employees how to data entry and produce stats; occasionally taught someone math when they were stuck on a concept or problem; Taught the media service staff (church) camera techniques, wrote training materials and conducted courses and webinars (work) for our current research application. Now, I'm teaching sewing. I guess teaching is in my blood. It funny how kids know things, not really understanding the meaning of it all.

Work - For several weeks the team has been busy producing all types of reports for our new VP. The university announced that they are more cuts coming. Ten percent for University Administration. So my unit may be hit. I pray not. The holiday season is here so work is slowing down.

Vacation - Yes, vacation again at the usual spot. Abbey - Avani Spa. Four days of treatments and relaxation. What joy.

Sewing - Today I hope to post a few things finished. This month and last month the goal was to sew wardrobe staples. Many garments were cut and about half are on hangers. And forty percent of that is finished. So I have some reviews to post. Also some holiday sewing is underway as well as a few client projects.

Thanksgiving - I'm the hostess of the day. My sisters and mom will bring a few dishes, but the major cooking is on me. I'm happy to do it for the love of my family.

Okay..., That's it for the moment.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Seems like you have been keeping very busy. Happy thanksgiving....:)

  2. Cennetta that is wonderful, like you I am always teaching or leading something. My new job as a teacher's asst is something I never thougth I'd like, but I am actually loving it and I'm growing so attached to my students!! I plan to pursue my MA and get certified. I am so wish! Have a blessed holiday girlfriend!

  3. You certainly have been busy!
    and having lots of fun doing it too so that is even better.
    Lucky you ~ four days at a spa would be wonderful.

  4. I'm sitting here in Vanna White, reading blog posts via iPhone, en route back to Connecticut from Springfield, Massachusetts where we attended a funeral (going home celebration)!

    I'm jealous of your updates. My computer's finally back from the fourth hospitalization and we have to dig up some old software for it. *sigh* So I don't have access to all my photos on it yet.

    Your post inspired me to POST SOMETHING when we get back to the hotel, and by crackies, I'm going to!

    Teaching: One of the oldest words of time (mother) is literally interpretted "teach." Think about it.

  5. Good luck with the Thankgiving cooking and such. I'm sure it will be lovely. :)



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