Thursday, December 2, 2010

Abbey Resort - The Repeatable Vacation Spot-Spa

Is there a vacation spot that you love so much you plan to go there every year? Well the Abbey Resort and Avani Spa is that place for me. Every year, I'm excited to go to this little resort in Wisconsin. It's a perfect little get-away that is is reasonably priced. I've blogged about it several times in a past few years. And the joy of my most recent visit is no less appreciated than the first.

This time around, only my sister and I went. We wanted a quiet, relaxing visit. And of course we understand each other. Each taking advantage of all the amenties: massages, scrubs, whirlpool, pool side meals and pool side naps. Joy...,

Each visit I try to take a few shots of the surrounding area to share and catelog. So this time, no shots of fabulous homes, but of the shoreline and a few land marks. On our walk, we noticed several real estate properties for sale from $275,000 and up.

This is a great little mid-western spa. So if you live hearby, check it out.


  1. I am so jealous of you and your sister and spa vacation. My VBF and I went on a trip together and had a fabulous time. Like you said about your sister--we understand each other. Especially the important things like eat, shop, nap-time, eat, entertainment, drinks, sleep.

  2. A Spa holiday sounds so relaxing and I can imagine such a wonderful break.
    You look great.



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