Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 - In Review

Happy New Year!

I pray that everyone is well and making grand plans for the year 2011. It's that time again. My, how time flies. It seems only yesterday I wrote my 2009 review. Well the important thing is, we are still here and able to do our favorite hobby, sewing/designing our clothes. What a gift.

I don't want to even talk about all the goals that I didn't accomplish. Instead I will focus on my achievements. Last year, productivity increased. For me I sewed:

Dresses 15
Tops 9
Jackets 4
Pants 8
Skirts 3
Vest 1
Total garments 40

My Favorite Things -

For DD:

Dresses 3
Tops 2
Jackets 2
Vest 1
Skirts 3
Pants 2
Total garments 13

Favorite Things for DD-

For Family and Clients

Dresses 2
Tops 5
Jacket/Coats 5
Skirts 5
Pants 1
Robe 1
Total garment 19

Favorite Garments for Sisters -

Favorite Client Garments -

I made a grand total of 72 garments and two home dec projects, not to mention several mending/alterations during 2010. I was surprised! High on the quantity side I must admit. Overall I think a did well on the quality of my work. As I looked through all of the project sets on my flash drive , I saw improvements in the finish and fit of my garments. Last year I focused on achieving a more polished look. Every jacket/coat was lined, some with piping added to the front facing. And nearly every woven dress was lined. This year I felt much better about the results of my client projects.

It's was a very good year of sewing. Soon I'll post a review of the last garment finished 2010 and the first finished 2011.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow! You have had quite a productive year! Thanks for the recap. I feel like a slaker in comparison LOL

  2. What a productive year. I am looking for more great garments from you in 2011

  3. 2010 was definitely a productive sewing year snag look forward to 2011.

  4. Wow! You finished a ton of beautiful garments. Congrats!

  5. You had a fab sewing year, and are one of my biggest inspirations!

  6. You've made some fabulous pieces! And those you sew for? I hope they truly appreciate your skills!

  7. Your output is dazzling. Great stuff. I especially liked some of the items you have made for your daughter - to tell the truth I have made the same patterns because I saw your creations for her! Looking forward to seeing more in 2011.

  8. Menina que talento,parabéns amei seu post tudo muito lindo vou e seguir,quer ser minha amiga tbm ficarei feliz se me seguir.

    beijos♥ Arlete

  9. Your garments are wonderful. You were very productive. I am looking forward to seeing what you produce in 2011.

  10. My Heavens, you blew it out the park! Wow, now you got some sewing accomplished! Pretty impressive and of course you made tons of nice pieces. Well I see I have a new goal to strive for. The year I can get that many items sewn will be wonderful! I've got a new aim....thanks:) Happy New Year to you as well and may God Bless everything you touch to turn to gold (more so than it already has)*smile*! Take Care~

  11. You've had a fabulous year and you work full time, too!

  12. Thanks, ladies. This year I want to try some couture techniques. Happy Sewing!

  13. Everything you made is simply beautiful, but I think my favorite is the black dress you made for yourself. You look stunning in it!
    Happy New Year.

  14. Very impressive! 2010 was a great sewing year for you! Happy New Year!

  15. You go girl! You accomplished a huge amount! How did you find the time?



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