Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Client Project 2011- Simplicity 2870 Vest

Michael Davis has forever asked me about sewing for him. And my 'timid' response has been, "Well I don't really do sewing for men. I do 'lady' stuff. There is a whole other set of measuring/fitting requirements for men that I'm not accustom to." Well, in December, I finally broke down and decided to give sewing for men a try.

Michael asked if I could try sewing a vest. I said, "okay." So I looked through my pattern collections. Can you believe it, I had about four patterns for shirts and vests. Then I made a trip to JoAnn's to pick up the pattern that I selected to make Michael's vest.

For starters, I measured Mike. He's really big guy. He may be 7' tall. Really. I bought the largest size available and still needed to scale it up five sizes, about 58.

So I made a muslin that included pockets and back tab.

The fitting of the muslin was pretty good. Just a little tweaking needed.

The front darts needed to be moved over about 1 inch.

When I graded the pattern up, I added 3 inches at the waist to add length to it. It wasn't enough. After the fitting 3 more inches were added. Can you believe it?
At middle chest, starting at the armhole I decreased the wideth about 1 1/4 inch.

Then at center front I added about 1/2 inch.

I transferred all these changes to the pattern and came up with this. Still making sure the fitting was okay, I left the side lining complete. (not shown here). Now, I have only a few things to complete: understitching at the armholes and lower edge of the back, sewing buttonholes, buttons, sew side seam of lining and the final press. Done.

Update: I finished the vest Saturday night. Hopefully Mike will allow me to take a few pictures to post. Oops! I noticed that the two patch pockets are too high. The adjustments are in the now finished vest.

That's all for now!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Mike's good looks just mega-increased by about, oh, 7-feet! I hope he'll let you take pictures to share!

  2. I have a TALL guy too...I have a feeling you'll be assigned to making more garments. Believe me at 6'9" their is always a request for something, because most things have to be tailor-made, anyhow.

  3. You are off to a great start. It looks great!

  4. You are brave to begin sewing for men. I hope you can get a picture!

  5. Thanks, ladies.

    Anonymous - You are right. Mike has already asked me to make another vest in red.

    Thanks again,

  6. Hello, I always read your blog and I had and I was overjoyed to see a comment on your blog mei. Thanks, I feel honored, be sure that Michael will love the vest, he was very nice and with a flawless finish. Congratulations

    Eilan - Brazil

    Ps - Sorry an error in writing, do not speak your language and I am using a google translator.

  7. I should be making for husband. He's not tall, just the opposite. His store-bought clothes are always too long.

  8. Nice job Lady! The vest looks great! I'd love to see it on him.

  9. Sharp-looking vest! I can see why he's already asked for another.



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