Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Creative Stripes - Haute Couture Challenge

One of the big trends of 2012 is stripes. Everything is striped: dresses, suits, tops, pants, handbags and shoes. Truth be told, every season stripes show up on the runway. But this season they are front and center in many of the designer collections.

No wonder the Haute Couture Club of Chicago included a Stripe Challenge for this 2012 Fashion show. This beautiful fabric was selected for the upcoming challenge. Each participating member purchased yardage to create a garment for the challenge. Now I am faced with the opportunity to create something beautiful to showcase in the fashion show.

Katherine Hepburn with Spencer Tracey

Of course, I turned to the fashion blogs and fashion sites to help stir up the creative juices. Then to top that off, Turner Classic Movies featured four films starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Guess what? Ms. Hepburn sported several striped outfits. So I have several idea to help me come up with an eye-catching striped outfit.

Just in case, you want to follow along here are some inspirational garments made by some of my favorite designers.

10 Crosby Derek Lam


Tracy Reese

10 Crosby Derek Lam

10 Crosby Derek Lam

Tracy Reese

Michael Kors

10 Crosby Derek Lam

Tracy Reese

Happy Sewing!


patti said...

I can hardly wait to see what you create, Cennetta!

Faye Lewis said...

I know you will rise to the challenge!

shams said...

Oh, fun fun! I look forward to seeing your garment and all of the garments. Remotely, of course. :D

greytone said...

Wow! What a great challenge! I always get excited to read your blogs about your Haute Couture of Chicago meetings. I would love to be a fly on the wall at one.

Could you describe the fabric content? Does it stretch at all? It's got a beautiful luster and color palate.

In the coming year I'm definitely working on paying attention to pattern placement, so I'd probably see how to use it on this Vogue pattern (already in my stash while I seek a fabric).

I will be following you...confident it will be beautiful....Let us know what you've decided to do when you can!

Cennetta said...

Thanks ladies. Greytone - I think the fiber content is a blend of wool, rayon, and maybe polyester. It does have a luster to it and the colors are beautiful.

I will post my progress on this project.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I love your fabric!

Add me to the list of people waiting to see what you decide to do with it, and enjoy your progress as you work it out!


Irene said...

Wonderful inspiration pieces! Will be waiting to see what you create.

Sheila said...

That fabric is gorgeous and like someone said, the fabric has such a nice colorway.

TheAL said...

Love that blue Tracy Reese striped dress. It's just so sleek. Good luck with the challenge!

Linda said...

I am looking forward to your striped garment, I know it will be spectacular. Thanks for showing some of the striped designs you have found. I found some I really think I might try to copy!

Myra said...

I love stripes and very glad to hear they be the trend this upcoming year. Good luck with the challenge...I can't wait to see what yuo create!

Marina v.K. said...

I am sure you will create a beautiful garment - looking forward to your choice! and thanks for joining my blog, I've been following your blog for a while now and am really flattered to have you as a reader!

Happy New Year!


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