Monday, December 5, 2011

Hot Patterns Fringe Scarf-T - Another Easy Knit Top

Hot Patterns Fringe Scarf-T

It's when awhile since my last post. I've had very little time to blog. So I chose to read a few blogs instead of writing a few posts of my own. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. For over a week I have been suffering with whatever virus that's going around. I couldn't sew even though I wanted to. For two days all I could do was drink plenty of liquids and lie in bed.

Anyway, I have several knit tops to show and review. The first set was made with a free pattern from Hot Patterns, the Fringe Festival Scarf-T. If you remember during the summer, this was a free pattern available on the website.

This top goes together with no problem. Very simple and easy to sew. There are a few things I did differently. Here is the review:

This top is a pull-over, cap sleeved T-shirt that has center front & back seams, a curved hemline and a self fabric scarf tie at the V neckline. Fringe the ends of the scarf for a funky look, and add decorative stitches to the center front & back seams.

The sizes range from 6 to 26. This top can be worn be women of all shapes and sizes given a few adjustments. My tops did look like the drawing on page one of the pattern. It is a slightly longer than I expected it to be.

The instructions were okay. How to finish the section were the scarf meets in the center front were a little unclear. I decided to change the finishing of the neckline. The instructions tell you to press the seam allowance forwards the body of the top. Then stitch it in place. I didn't want stitching to show around the neckline. So I only turned down and stitched the center front. And at the center back, I folded the scarf inside as if I were going to attach the raw edge to the inside of the neckline only stitching about a 1/2 inch on either side of the center back seam to keep the scarf from bunching up around the neck.

After reviewing and cutting the pattern, I changed my mind about making the fringe for fear of making a mess trying to transfer the markings onto the fabric. But I quickly changed my mind again to give it a try. With the end of the scarf placed on the cutting mat, I used a rotary cutter to cut 4 inch fringes on each end of the scarf. This was achieved by slowly cutting them with no marking.

I omitted the decorative stitching at the center front and back. The print of the first top was speaking loud enough. And the second one looks good without it. I also made my usually sway back and prominent shoulder blade adjustments. No FBA. I just cut a size 16 through the bust area. The rest was cut at size 14.

What I like about this pattern was the fringe scarf. And I thought it would work well under a blazer. Plus you have the option of adding sleeves to it for a winter ready version. You can easily extend the cap sleeves or you can use the sleeve of M6241. My next version will have long sleeves.

The multi-color fabric (Vogue) is the leftover from a failed knit dress project from two years ago. And the gray knit (Hancock) is leftover from a drape neck cardigan made earlier this year.

In conclusion, this is a nice, easy top to make that is a great wardrobe builder. If you downloaded this pattern, give it a try.


  1. really pretty top. I saw this and said, ehh, now I'm sorry I didn't download it!
    You look great btw, younger and younger!

  2. I did download it and you are making me want to pull out one of my knits and make this up! Right after I finish the Christening gown and a few Christmas gifts! *sigh*

  3. So cute, both versions! Lost my copy in my computer crash, wonder if it's still up?

  4. Those are both pretty tops. You can tell, almost by just looking at them that they are HotPatterns. HP has some beautiful fashion forward patterns, but unfortunately their directions are less than desirable.

  5. I do like tie fronted blouses. The pattern is quite similar to a few of mine. One is by Jalie, the other a Collette. No worries about their instructions.

  6. Great fabric on the first top - love it!

  7. It looks fabulous on you! That's a nasty virus. It's going around our school system so I figure it's just a matter of time until one of the kids brings it home. Feel better!

  8. Hope you're feeling loads better now. Those tops look wonderful. Of course, I just had to hop right over to the site and download the pattern. A few months back I downloaded a skirt pattern from there - even bought fabric specifically for it - still haven't made it up. Perhaps this top pattern will fare better with inspiration from you.

  9. Glad you're feeling better! Great tops - a quick and easy knit top is always a good thing!

  10. Exactly know how you felt, the virus got me too.
    Very cute tops, sure you will enjoy wearing them.

  11. Great tops! My list of "want to makes" just continues to grow when I see posts like this. Can you ever have to many of these? Continue to get well soon.

  12. Do you finish the top edge of the scarf

    1. The top edge of the scarf is connected to the center back of the neckline. There is no finishing, the knit won't ravel.



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