Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful Fabric and A Little of That and This

Happy Monday!

One of the big fashion trends is big bold graphic prints. They are everywhere and on everything. dresses, coats, pants, purses; you name it. So I purchased a few from Gorgeous Fabrics. Then last weekend I picked up a few more fabrics from JoAnn's. Not bold, but just as pretty. This spring I have many projects in the works. So I'll talk about them intermittently over the next few weeks. But before I dive into all the alternations and modifications, here's my new beautiful fabric.

Pant Weight RPL - British Tan

Feather Your Nest ITY Jersey-Autumnal Tones

Purple Haze Jersey

Bold Swirls Jersey - Green, Black, and White

All were purchased at Gorgeous Fabrics.  I'm thinking about making something from one of the Christine Jonson travel trios (April Challenge - Haute Couture Club).  Haven't decided yet.

Black Floral Jacquard - It has the touch and feel of raincoat fabric.  I'm making a coat M5766.

Poly Satin - V1242.

Next post: Ms. PB.'s dress V8615.

Happy Sewing!


  1. That bold swirls jersey is going to look STUNNING on you!

  2. Lovely fabrics, I especially love the feather print ITY. Comgratulations BTW on winning the Palmer Pletsch contest, it was great to recognise you in the email I received from them this week.

  3. Fabulous fabrics! What am doing wrong??? I'm still trying to get sone winter items sewn!!!! Oh well, they will have to wait until next year! On with spring/summer! Looks like you have a wonderful start to yours!

  4. Looks like a bright and colorful sewing future. I am just loving all the prints and colors that are in vogue now. How many years did we wear nothing but black? Too many!

  5. I used that green and black bold swirls jersey! Knowing you, the famous Mahogany Stylist, selected the same fabric validates my choice!

  6. I love bold prints and I'm loving all the different things coming out at the fabric stores! Can't wait to see what you make with your beautiful fabrics!

  7. Beautiful fabrics. The feather print is great. I keep l0oking at Gorgeous Fabrics but the postage to the UK makes it impossible for me to buy. I like Travel series No1. It looks like a really comfortable outfit to travel in and besides it looks as if she went to Paris. I don't comment often but I always read your blog and admire your talent.

  8. Lovely fabric haul. I made a top with the green, black & white print.

  9. Hey Cenetta, I'm coming to Chicago for a meeting and may have time to do a little fabric shopping. You mentioned JoAnn, but do you have any other favorite fabric stores there? (Katie from Kadiddlehopper referred me.) Thanks, Lynn

  10. Hi Lynn,
    There are so many fabric stores in the Chicago land area. I would definitely, go to Vogue Fabric, Fishman's, and Rainbow. These three are centrally located on the near west side of Chicago, south of downtown. If you want more details, send me an email to


  11. Oh - I just checked back and saw your comment. Those 3 were the very ones I was checking out on Yelp - thanks so much!



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