Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspirational Flickr Picks - Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1. P022212PS-0498, 2. Swarovski crystal and sterling silver bracelet photography by Laila L, 3. Baked Apples, 4. Sigh.....wish I could keep it., 5. Gifts, 6. 25, 7. Untitled, 8. Scissors, 9. Along the 50, 10. Burda 7212, 11. 2/25/2012, 12. A lady needs to protect her hair and hands., 13. A place to hang your hat, 14. Shoes n roses, 15. IMG_5586, 16. Picture 613

There are many things that inspire me:  people, places, animals, color, a work of art, food..,  The list goes on and on.  Things give me inspiration to create something, learn a new thing, grow in skills, become a better human being.  Sometimes a negative situation or activity can also influence me to do something positive.

So today's inspiration comes from my Flickr favorites.   Half of these photos inspire creativity and the other half inspire building virtuous qualities.  For instance, the wall of hats inspire me to make some vintage hats.  The purse next to "25!" inspires/motives me to be kinder.  The ASG Chicago chapter make prom dresses and purses for the "Glass Slipper Project".  This photo is an illustration of compassion, selflessness, dedication, encouragement and goodness.  You might say, "You see all of that in that little black purse?" I would say, "Yes." Because I know the story behind the purse.  It's the manifestation of those qualities mentioned above and more.  Someone took the time to do something for a complete stranger in need.  The donated purses are beautiful.  ASG ladies paid special attention to details making each purse a work of art.  I'm sorry to admit, I didn't contributed to the cause this year.  But hope to next year.

So what kind of things inspire you?



  1. You're inspiring my waist to grow!!! Those baked apples look wonderful.

  2. I'm inspired by all the fabulous garments made by the sewing blog community. None of my friends are garment sewists (mainly quilters) so I feel a connection with these bloggers like you, Carolyn, and Ann. Thank you for your blog and inspiration!

  3. Congratulations!! I received my Fashion by Real People newsletter today!

  4. I'm inspired by many, many things and just recently became a new "Pinterest" person! Most of my many inspirations are now out there. I must say you photo of President Obama inspired me today! Thanks for the wonderful reminder that we can be all things!



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