Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Notes of a Pattern - McCall 4076

Today's post is on McCall 4076.  This is has been in my collection for quite some time now.  I trimmed the pattern many years old, but never laid out the fabric to cut a single view.  Well, while I was searching through magazines and websites looking for wearable fringe by my standards, I thought about this pattern.  I like the hat, belt and purse.  Those views are what encouraged me to buy the pattern in the first place.

BTW- I have not forgotten about the bomber with the lace overlay.   I'll talk about that later. Back to my fringe inspired project..,

Taking a look at them today, I still like them.  The hat and belt as they are, but the purse I feel needs a little more umph to it.  The fringe is okay.  I'd like to modify the opening, losing the tie all together to be replaced by a zipper closure and a fringed lap.  That's what I have in mind.

Those are my thoughts on it.  That's all for this installment of Notes on a Pattern.

Happy Sewing!


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