Thursday, April 30, 2015

The VaVaVoom Affect of Rhonda's Perfect Travel Dress

This is the second time around for Rhonda's Perfect Travel Dress. The sewing process was the same. I used the same measurements as the first version. The difference was the slink of the knit fabric and the size of my DD. I didn't take it into consideration that I may need to add a few inches. So this version has that VaVaVoom Affect!

Perfect Travel Dress is now the perfect club dress! This is another outfit that will be showcased at the Haute Couture Club Fashion Show this spring! It's a little on the sexy side; but I don't think it will offend anyone. So here's to the VaVaVoom in Rhonda's Perfect Travel Dress. Oh yeah, it does travel well with little to no wrinkles.

Happy Sewing!


  1. She is WEARING that dress! Very nice too.

  2. Cough, cccoough!!! Ugh...xuse me missy, where do you think you're going?

  3. Fab and a great colour too - I think the high neck keeps the va va voom-ness in check!

  4. That dress is amazing. Both the style and the colour would be hard for lots of people to pull off, but here both are absolutely perfect!

  5. Va Va Voom is right! Beautiful dress!

  6. Shame only the young can wear such a stunner!

  7. Really perfect dress! I would like to choose one as i regularly take traveling!



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