Thursday, May 26, 2016

Notes on a Pattern - McCall 7359

The minute I saw this pattern, I wanted to make it.  I like the length of view B and the neckband and sleeves of view C.

My challenge was to feature out how I could make it fit me across the bust area without drastically changing the style lines.  Good thing is the cut on dolman sleeves and the front pleat provide quite a bit of wearing ease.

After I made the muslin, it revealed a few minor fit issues.  I needed  my usual adjustments: prominent shoulder blades, sway back and FBA.

Note the pattern pieces below:

  • I added a little more move at the shoulder and upper arm area.  This was done on the upper front and back pattern pieces.
  • For my prominent shoulder blades, I slashed the upper back from the shoulder to the end of the pattern pieces spreading 3/4" at the top and over lapping at the lower section.  This process was carried out through the lower back section.

  • Added length to the sleeve (1 1/2") on all four pattern pieces.
  • Added width and length starting under the arm to the hem of the front and back.
  • On the lower back pattern pieces, I made a small tuck just above the waistline.

These changes help make the top more suited for my size and shape.  My first top is finished, but I have to post it on the Mood Sewing Network first, then on my blog.  I will probably make a few this season.

The construction, overall is relatively simple.  The most difficult parts are:  the rolled hem and the neckband.  If you have a rolled hem foot, no problem.  But if not, follow the instructions in the guide sheet and take your time.  Second, the back neckband is much larger the the neckline.  So you may need to ease it in a bit along with slashing the neckline of the top.

So that's it for this installation of "Notes on a Pattern".  Check out the Mood Sewing Network tomorrow for the rest of my review and photos.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thank you for sharing the adjustments you made to this pattern. Did you end up adding a dart for the FBA? I look forward to seeing this on you!

    1. No need for the dart or the typical fba. The seam that joins the upper and lower bodice acts as a bust dart.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This is really a nice pattern. I even like the fabric design they used here.



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