Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Butterick 6388 - Little Simple Dress

It's been awhile. But I was determine to post some today. As a matter of fact, I have several projects that I want to share, but I'm either lacking pictures or some details needed for the post. So today this post will be short and sweet.

About a week ago, I made Butterick 6388. I guess my hesitation for not posting sooner was because I was not completely happy with the outcome of this project. Actually, this is one of many projects that I was not thrilled about. So, over the past week it sort of grew on me. I think my dissatisfaction was with the lack of shaping about the waist. But the belt I'm wearing solved that little problem.

So, here goes..,

Butterick description of the dress is: Tops and dress have side front seams, shaped collar, and back yoke. A little vague, right? To add to that the side front seams almost form a "V". Within the front seams are in-set pockets. The pattern comes in sizes Y (XS-S-M) ZZ(L-XL-XXL). I made a medium with modifications.

  • Because of the shape of the dress I felt I could get away with making a FBA by adding a little more wideth in the bust area. 
  • Added a few inches to the length 
  • Made a swayback adjustment
  • The pockets would not stay in place, so I stitched them to the front of the dress.  I think this may be due to the softness of the fabric.
The dress does look like the dress pictured on the envelope.  The instructions are typical big four.  Nothing difficult or confusing about them though.  This dress goes together with no problem.  There is some top stitching at the pocket opening, sleeves and back yoke.  That is one of the design elements that I like.

I didn't like the movement of the pockets, unstable.  The collar doesn't stand as the collar in the picture.  But I think it's because of the weight and texture of my fabric.

The fabric was purchase at JoAnn's.  It's slightly textured with some of the floral print raised.  It feels a little velvety. The stretch is about 25 percent and the recovery is good.  The colors are what drew me to it.  And the hand made it easy for me to buy it. ;-)

I don't think I will make the dress again as I have hundreds of other dresses to try.  But I do recommend it to others.  You should pay close attention to your fabric selection, and you may need to add interfacing to the collar for better results.

Parting Shot:  When my DD saw me ready for the photo shot, she remarked, "Mama you look like a "Bond Girl".  Really???  So, here's my impression of a "Bond Girl" ready for action.  Tee Hee.

Happy Sewing!



  1. I fell in love with that pattern at first sight. Love your dress.

  2. I've been wanting to try this pattern, but waiting for a J's sale to get it. I'm pretty much a rectangle, so I think the "no waist" would be OK for me. Beautiful fabric colors; and gotta love that Bond girl pose!!!

    1. Thanks, Linda T. It's a quick sewing project. Me and my DD always take advantage of silly moments. Thanks again.

  3. Great dress! The fabric looks wonderful.

  4. So cute!

    I was also all over this one the minute it came out. Have to find a suitable fabric in the stash for it.

  5. I too fell in love with the pattern at first sight...still haven't purchased tho. And I also love the fabric/colors. But the 'Bond Girl' pose should be viral by now. How can you not love that!

  6. Thanks, Garnet128. I only posted the "Bond Girl" pose here so far. I may post it on Instagram as well. We need to laugh sometime.

  7. So cute! I snatched this pattern up quickly and your dress really makes me want to get going with it!



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