Sunday, June 4, 2017

McCall 6752 and Vogue 1355 - Two Favorites

So often I've stated that I will make something again. Sometimes it's soon after the first time I use the pattern.  And then other times it's months or even years later before I pull that "liked" pattern out again.  It's a breeze to layout the pattern onto fabric, cut it and sew without making fit adjustments.

Two weeks ago was one of those times.  I've used McCall 6752 twice before to make the same top view.  Each version paired with different bottoms gives the same top a different look, all of which I like to wear.  Obviously..,

The same can be said of the Sandra Betzina yoga pants that are paired with this third version of McCall 6752.  I love the look of these two garments together.  This is an outfit I will wear again and again.

The sewing was very, very quick.  I was able to make the outfit in less than three hours.

My initial reviews of M6752 can be found here and V1355 is here.

The fabric used for this outfit is from JoAnn's.  It is a crepe polyester medium weight knit.  I also purchased it in a blue.  I also, made V1355 pants to wear with another style top.  I will show them in a later post.

Parting Shot - My photographer taking a break between outfit changes.  These days, it's hard to schedule photo shoots because of "our" busy schedules.  ;-)

So that's all for now.  Next two posts will be on my mood project and a tutorial on a one piece collar.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love those two flow-y pieces together.

  2. Well aren't you snazzy!? I love this outfit. Very chic.

  3. Love, love, love!! You look amazing in this outfit.

  4. Very cute, I love this combo!

  5. Okay, you have gotten me to fall in love with these pants. Now, of course I'm gonna need a pair in white or beige. Hey, Cennetta, do you have any more of that fabric you don't need. hehe...



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