Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Summer Dresses In The Making - Butterick B6674

This fabric is a Mood Exclusive Abstract Concepts Stretch Cotton.  What drew me to it was the delicate outline of printed faces.  I'd seen similar prints but would not seen them in a fabric store.  So this one was just right for me.  It's 97% cotton; 3% Elastane.  The fabric has a slight sheen to it with a smooth hand.  Easy sewing and pressing helps speed up the construction process.  I used a universal sewing machine needle, size 12.

I it with Butterick B6674 which includes separate pattern pieces for cup sizes.  A plus and is helpful to me.  Because it decreases the amount a time I spent making pattern adjustments.  The FBA is the most involved adjustment I made.  Butterick pattern description: " A, B, C close fitting through bust, front self facings, sash, flared hem. A: Above mid knee length. B, C: Below mid knee length. C: Self ruffle. A/B, C, D Cup Sizes. D: Lined bag, bias tape seam finish. Note: Separate pattern pieces are included for cup sizes A/B, C, D."  I used size 16 with some modifications.

This was the first garment that I made while in quarantine. I spent two days making this dress.  The first, finishing everything except the buttonholes, buttons, and hem.

This is a very simple skirt waist dress.  Another example of a fit and flare style.  This style is very appealing to me.  And I hope to make more similar dresses this year.  The ruffled neckline adds a little more interest to a simple silhouette and no pockets because the print was enough of an attraction.  So view C was perfect for my project.

My dress does look like the drawing, except I did not make a belt.  I have a RTW belt that would be perfect for the dress.  The instructions were typical but very easy to follow.  No part of the dress requires interfacing.  In general, a very quick sew.

Before I cut into my fashion fabric, I made a muslin.  I actually made it last summer.  So I tried it on again to make sure the fit was still okay.  It was good.  My usual pattern adjustments were also made last year.  So I checked them again since I hadn't looked at this pattern in awhile.

My fit changes:
  • Tweaked the D cup bodice pattern to fit.
  • Lengthen the bodice a bit
  • Swayback adjustment
  • Prominent shoulder blade at the shoulder seam, which produced a little dart.  I should have made it along the neckline.  I think it would look better. Next time.
  • Added a bit to the bodice back a the shoulder seam for my forward shoulders.
  • Lengthen the skirt a bit
My construction changes:
  • The fabric was too thick to follow the construction of the ruffle.  I decided to use Mood Italian Black Venise Lace trim .   I cut the lace the length of the ruffle.  Then I cut a piece of 1/4" black elastic the length of the finished neckline.  Stretched and sewed the elastic to the lace.  Then I sewed the trim to the neckline of the dress being careful not to stretch it.  NOTE:  A little stretching did occur, but it did not deform the neckline.  It actually helped it lie flat with no gapping.
  • For the neckline and armholes, I make bias tape from fashion fabric.
  • I used hem tape and hem the dress by hand instead of machine stitching it as instructed.

I am very please with how this dress turned out.  It is a classic silhouette.  And I can see myself making it again.  Next time with pockets and matching bag.  Isn't that tote cute?

This is a relatively easy dress to make once you have gotten past your fit adjustments.  You can also have some fun with trims to change it up a bit.  I recommend this pattern to all level sewists.  Have fun building your summer wardrobe.  Now is the time if you are quarantined or on coronavirus lock down.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Your dress is adorable! I love your feathery trim!

  2. What a cute dress! Growing up, I had shoes with printed faces on it. I called them my "people shoes" and they were beloved. Enjoy wearing your dress!

  3. I love fit & flare and this pattern is so beautifully cut I can't wait to sew it!

    That neckline trim is gorgeous!!

    1. Hey Kesha. I like it a lot. You will too. ;-) Thank you!

  4. I love this fabric print and it isn't too busy to see the details of the dress. You always do such good work.

    1. Thanks, Connie. I am really conscious about a too busy print. Especially, on dresses. Thanks again.

  5. Adorable dress for summer. The print is fabulous.

  6. I'm making this dress for my daughter but don't understand the front facings with the two fold lines. Can you help ? Thx !

    1. Hi Chira, im sorry about the late response. The front facing kind of mimics the stability of a front placket that you see on some button down shirts. So the first fold kind of acts like a interfacing. The second fold conceals the first layer and provides a clean finish to the front of the dress.



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