Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last Dress of the Fall Collection 2007 - S3673

This is the very last dress sewn for the fall/winter 2007 collection and is my least favorite dress out of the seven. It's not the best choice for my body shape. View C would have been better for me. I made view A minus the bow/buckle at the waist.

Pattern Description: Misses dresses or jumpers with skirt variations

Pattern Sizing: 8 to 22. I made size 14 with alterations.

The finished dress looked like the pattern illustration except in eliminated the bow and buckle at the waist and used black for the band.

The instructions were easy to follow.

Likes and Dislikes: Initially I like the retro look of the jumper and thought it would be good addition to my work wardrobe. This view is not flattering on me.

Fabric Used:wool blend from JoAnn's

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:FBA and broad back. I probably needed to a little more move in the top of this dress as it is snug through the bodice area.

I won't sew this view again. But I would recommend it to others. Several people at PR had great success with this pattern and style of this dress.

Conclusion: This is a fairly deceit pattern. I have already worn this dress. I will wear it, but probably with a jacket.


  1. Very nice! The fit is perfect!

  2. Thats nice!The color looks good on you!!

  3. Cennetta, that is one beautiful dress!

    I have a black/white knit top I made last November that has a band just below the bust. I made it in a contrasting color (solid black) as opposed to the black/white Pucci-style print of the fabric. For some reason, every time I wear it, I like it and get compliments on it but...I don't think it's the most flattering top with the black band right below the bust. Perhaps if the band was the same color as the top maybe I would like it better? I think it makes me look bigger/broader than I really am.

    If you could put your finger on what you don't like about the dress style being as flattering as you would like it to be, what would you say it is?

    All your dresses are exquisite, but I think your initial assessment is correct. You look really good in this dress, but when I think back to that orange dress and some of your others, those really show of your fab figure better than this one. I'm betting my feelings will be the same when I make this up for myself.

  4. What a smart looking dress, You look great and the fit appears to be "perfect" from where I sit :)

  5. You've done a great job.Beautiful!

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Kat- You hit the nail on the head with your assessment. Comparatively speaking this is the least favorite. But I will definitely wear this dress. What I don't like is it shows the curves I don't have in the hip area. lol. It accentuates my boylish lower half.

  7. While I can appreciate that this is the least favourite (for you), I have to tell you that the back view looks fabulous on you. I think perhaps because it gives emphasis to your waist (and your figure is nice) while the front view has the band to detract from the waistline.

    It does fit beautifully and you look lovely in it.

  8. You look great in that dress!! Awesome job!



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