Monday, February 16, 2009

Delta Sigma Theta - February Gospel Brunch

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Brunch Program. The chapter also gave everyone a floating red dress from the AHA, a red Bible (New Testament), and a brochure about wellness.

One of my mentees invited me to the Delta Brunch, held on February 7, 2009. Songs of Praise and words of inspiration and encouragement filled the day. What a joyous occasion.

Miss. Dominique - Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Dominique and I get along famously. We talk a lot and share life experiences. You would think, as her mentor, that I would be the primary teacher, but often, she teaches me. She is a cornucopia of knowledge and information. She is well travelled, well educated, and has a zest for life. Her energy is contagious.

My DD means the world to me and I'm so glad that we get along. She appreciate my friends and never feels uncomfortable around them. That's makes me very happy. The icing on the cake is that other young people also enjoy and appreciate my company. I really love being around young people. One of the most gratifying things about my relationships is that I have earned their trust, respect, and affection. They are the future, and I try empower them with my knowledge and experience to help them work through situations so that they can make the best choices and live the best lives. As God says: we are stewards over them and must assume the position.

Here is my girlfriend, Janice (Dominique's mom), Dominique, and GalPal Ashley. A little story on Miss. Ashley. She is a native of Philly, but now resides in Chicago. Last year Ashley suffered an aneurysm. She is well and vibrant, working in Chicago.

We know and believe that God is a healer and that all illness is not unto death. We thank God that Ashley is here with us, celebrating life.

The Barrett Sisters of Chicago have been singing for over thirty years, now in their eighties and last seventies, still singing. The lead singer's daughter, Dr. Sue, was the MC for this occasion. It was wonderful and exciting. So many beautiful, successful, and talented women on the program and in the audience.

A former member of my church (Tina Brown-Bryant) accompanying the Barrett Sisters, as one of them had lost her voice. Tina was also one of the guest soloists and sang a few songs. These women can sing; always a treat.

This is our table. The empty chair is wear I was sitting. Funny thing... I never think about having someone take my picture. Ugh...

No pictures of me, but I had a wonderful time and left the event feeling encouraged to do better and be better for whatever comes.



  1. What a wonderful fete! It's so uplifting to hear about your friend's recovery from the aneurism. My sister had one and wasn't so lucky. But that looked like a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Let's have a hand-clap for Miss Ashley from Philly!! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the lunch!

  3. Oh Ann, My sister too. She had two. We lost her at the age of 30.

  4. Oh Cenetta, I'm so sorry to hear that. Carole only had one, but it was instantly fatal. How shocking to lose someone that young to such a silent killer.

  5. Thanks, Ann. It is a silent killer.

  6. Elaray - I second that. Miss. Ashley is a strong young survivor.

  7. What's missing from the photos? A picture of what Cennetta was wearing :) !

    That is an amazing story of Miss Ashley. So many aneurism (sp?) stories end in tragedy. Like the one that happened to the wife of one of my former coworkers. She died at the young age of 56. Devastating in the fact that it is sudden and often deadly.

    I'm sure the singing was awesome. There's a Catholic joke/story I heard recently (I'm Catholic so I can tell it ;) ), and it goes like this. Catholics sing slow and pray fast. And it's TRUE! It's kind of agonizing actually. Most Catholic churches have very poor or non-existent (at least the several I've been to) choirs, my own included. And the singing is slow, with the same tempo/beat week after week. It's terrible in that it's sleep inducing. Every week I mutter to myself we need some upbeat, soulful music. This probably sounds like a terrible cultural cliche type of thing, but our church should bring in the choir of the mostly-black about 2 miles down the road. I just know they're singing has to be way better than what I hear in our church. Add that to the list of things I pray for in church every week--better music/better choir.



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