Friday, July 24, 2009

Lining Up The Projects

This week I've been organizing projects. Since I don't have an exclusive sewing room, I use my dining room table as my cutting table. Because the dining room serves a dual purpose, I tend to cut multiple projects at a time. Organizing the notions to be used putting them into a "project" bag with the cut to-be-garment(s). Yesterday I finished cutting two dresses and traced off three BWOF patterns. Now I'm at the point of finishing the seam allowances on some of the items. Things cut so far: 3 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, 1 jean jacket, one knit top.

My DD is finishing up the summer session and will have two more semesters before graduation. Thank you, Jesus! She is looking for an internship. This fall I'm hoping to help the employment effort with two mini wardrobes.

The first group:

Items to be made - Jacket and pants (Brown/Beige Hounds Tooth wool blend), top (creme jersey), and dress (cranberry wool crepe).

The second group:

Colors - Purple, Black, and Grey
Items to be made - Jacket (black wool blend [have it not photographed]), dress (plum silk cotton), pant (grey wool blend), and skirt (plum crepe wool).

The numbering of the groups won't dictate which will be completed first. I just wanted to distinguish the two. May be I'll give them some cute name later. But for now it's group 1 and 2.

Well, as always I have plenty to sew. So I better get cracking. Today is a "Sew" day for me.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Your daughter is very fortunate to have you to sew for her. Young people usually don't have much of a professional wardrobe to begin their careers.

  2. Great choices! I love that Simplicity dress in group 1 (I just made one myself). Love seeing what everybody is planning for fall. The pattern/fabric combos are very inspiring.

  3. Wonderful choices, Cenetta! Your daughter will be starting off her new career in style.

  4. Great line-up of patterns and like the colors to be used.



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