Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall Trends - There Is Something In The Air

This morning as I dressed the weather channel reported news of hurricanes. Can you believe it? Fall is in the air, and I'm still waiting for a "hot" summer. It's been mild weather in Chi-Town. I hope that doesn't mean the winter will be painfully cold.

I guess it's time to seriously start thinking about fall fashion and sewing. All of the magazines have page after page of interesting fall trends. Ms. Fergie graces the cover of Marie Claire (August 2009) and A to Z Accessories - shoes, boots, bags, jewelry. Most of the looks were in the footwear department. Super cute stuff.

Here's what they had to say:

A - Art
B - Brocade
C - Chains
D - Draping
E - Envelopes
F - Fur
G - Grommets

H - Hosiery

I - Imprints
J - Jewelry

K - Knits

L - Leopard
M - Metal Heel
N - Netting

O - Over The Knee Boots
P - Plaid
Q - Quilting
R - Retro Shades

S - Suede
T - Tassels
U - Unisex
V - Velvet

W - Winter White
X - Extreme Footwear
Y - Yves Klein Blue

Z - Zippers

Update - Product Information

Clutch Wallet LAMB Dorset Imprint $175.00 at Bloomingdales
Guseppe Zanotti Grommet Bootie Neiman Marcus $995.00
SPANX Antique Lace Tights - Nordstorm $28.00
Janie Besner Reversible Polka Dot Smocked Scarf - Nordstorm $32.00
Over the Knee Boots - Prada $1,400 Neiman Marcus
Elizabeth & James Ruffled Leather Bootie - Neiman Marcus $360.00
Retro Shades - Michael Kors Logo Temple Square Frame - Nordstorm $95.00
Furla Margherita Shopper - Macy's $595.00 Bloomingdale's


  1. Love those booties with the zipper ruffle!

  2. boy do I want those boots!!!!! oh la la!!!!!

  3. Quite a few of those things are on my A-Z, too! i.e. buckles and chains and more knits. Well, they were last year, too, but this year I'll probably do something about them. LOL

  4. thanks for the post-- i wasn't sure what was in for the fall. Sounds like a lot of metal!

  5. I like the booties with the zipper ruffle the best. Winter white-not so hot with me. But that's just me. I am loving the hoisery. I admit I have been taping and watching NYC Prep-just to see the NYC take on the clothes and styles I am seeing-those kids-----I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

  6. I saw that zipper trim spiraling down the sleeves of a knit top on Very interesting and something an imaginative sewer could certainly copy for a lot less than it is selling for. The shoes, how much for those glamorous booties? I love the multiple chains look on necklaces too.

  7. Thanks, ladies, for commenting. I don't know how much of the trend I will follow, but it's always good to know what's new in the world of fashion. Nancy K - I added the product information to the post.


  8. Those shoes are off the hook!



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