Monday, January 9, 2012

Simplicity Deluxe Bias and Piping Machine in Review

Simplicity has some nifty small machines designed to make custom trim to add to your sewn creations.  I tested the Deluxe Bias Tape and Piping machine.  And this little baby is able to crank out beautiful custom made single fold bias tape and piping in a fraction of the time it takes to make them the old-fashioned way.

Piping is a versatile embellishment that is easy to use.  You may add it to the edge of a collar, pocket, hem, sleeve.  And you can sew it between seams.   It's also great for  finishing home dec projects.
Single fold bias tape is great for neckline and armhole curves.  I even use it for hems in dresses and slacks.

It took me a while to get the hang of it.  I read the instructions, set up the machine and tried my hand at making piping.  I wasn't getting the quality piping that I expected.  So I went over the instructions again to discover I didn't make sure the heating element was properly fitted to the machine.  Once I resolved the issue, it worked like a charm.

The machine comes with all the tools to create bias tape and piping.  You'll need to buy the adhesive and cording.  Simplicity carries a variety of tools to help make using the machine a smooth process, but I was able to get nice piping and bias tape without them.  You can also purchase tips of different sizes for various width and core sizes.

Single Fold Bias Tape


What I like about this machine:

It is compact, easy to assemble and easy to store.
Once assembled a push of a button starts the process and produces perfect bias tape and piping.
You can make your own custom piping and tape in complementary or contrasting fabric.  

What I didn't like about it:

No adhesive was included with the machine for make the piping.  You had to go out and purchase that separately.
I wish the spindle for the adhesive had a cap or stay to stabilize it.  The tape fell off the spindle a few times while making the piping.

This is a great small machine to have in your sew room.  It's easy to assemble and produces perfect piping and bias tape.


  1. I am so on the fence about these machines. I know that it's good to have these functions mechanicanized (sp?) so that more people can use them...but I worry that the actual art of making piping/binding will be lost...and the cost of the machines can be prohibitive to someone just learning to sew and acquiring all of the items necessary to sew.

    I will probably continue to make piping/binding by hand since the process is soothing to me and I don't need more than 3 to 5 yards at a time because I'm just not sold on the necessity of these gizmos.

    Please don't take this as a put-down of the machine...just my thoughts on it. I'm glad that it worked for you and that you will be using it in your garment construction.

  2. Thanks, Carolyn, for your honesty. Your thoughts are always welcomed. My blog is definitely about me and my creative activities. But it is also serves as a forum for discussion on products, techniques, issues, whatever..,

    Like you, I've made my own and enjoyed doing so. You are so right to be concerned about the art being lost. I see this happening in a lot of areas. Sewing machines are computerized to the point where you don't need to make manual adjustments, just hit a button or two and everything is adjusted for you: speed, length of stitching, position of needle, etc.

    I'm sure I will make piping and binding the old way every now and then. Wink, wink.

    Thank you again. Your comments are always welcomed.

  3. thanks for sharing this little gem. I can see I would enjoy adding this to the sewing room, but not sure when that might be!

  4. I'm grateful to read tout opinion because I've been considering one of these. I suppose you need the glue to keep the cord in place for the piping. I do love mini piped edges like your lovely neckline.

  5. Thank you for the review! Finally someone wrote about it - I was looking to buy this machine a while ago, but then wasn't sure. What I wanted to ask is how it works with tricky fabrics, such as silks, jerseys or lightweight cottons?! Working with these fabrics takes most time for me!

  6. Thanks ladies.
    Marina v.K - I tried making the bias tape and piping using different fibers of different weights. The bias tape was the easiest to make for all weights and fiber content. The machine gives you the option to select the level of heat needed and how fast you want the fabric to pass through the heating element. There is also a run button for starting and stopping. So you can easily control the settings.

    The same is so for making the piping. However, it is a little tricky getting the adhesive and the cord in the right position. I set the speed to slow to so I would have time if needed to make adjustments before the materials passed through the heating element.

    Thanks for asking.

  7. These seem like cool machines! I just sewed my own custom piping for the first time last year, and I kind of liked it, but it's good to know these machines are available when I get to the point where the novelty has worn off. ;) Thanks for the reviews.

  8. Thanks for the review, I as actually looking at buying this gizmo sometimes ago but wasn't just sure. I will love to make custom-made bias tapes and piping this will really help

  9. I teach sewing at one of the local JoAnns stores and have had an opporturnity to demo both machines. While I liked both I don't don't using piping or bias binding enough to justify the expense. I do love gadgets and this is a good one.

  10. I want one of these machines! I think they add that little extra to an outfit easily. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow... I have been sleeping on the job. I didn't know they had a deluxe machine. I have the Bias tape maker machine and like the ease of using it too. I must admit I don't use it often, but when the occassion arise it works.

  12. I had been contemplating buying this little gadget for a while but did not think it was worth the money. I am so glad you did a review, it will help me make a decision. I have not endeavored into the world of piping or bias tape yet. Is there a particular pattern that calls for it that I can purchase or do you just choose which top/outfit would like good with piping and then do it?
    Also, side note, to keep the tape on the spindle, have you tried using the spindle holder that comes with sewing machines to keep the thread on the spindle? Please let me know if this works.

  13. Hi Angie - Thanks for commenting. There is no particular pattern for adding piping to. If you have a favorite sleeveless dress, you can add it to the armholes and neckline. You can also add piping along the edge of a jacket front center, pockets, lapel, etc.

    I will try the sewing machine spindle holder


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  15. Thank you so much for the Simplicity Bias and Piping machine review, it was very helpful. BTW, I saw the garment you made to win that contest. You need to add Perfectionist to the list of adjectives that describe you. STUNNING!

  16. Just wanted to say that I just bought my machine and, although I haven't actually used it yet, I've set it up to see how it works and I noticed there are two white rubber washers on the spindle you put the adhesive piping tape on. They're quite hard to see and aren't mentioned in the instructions. I wonder if you have them too and just haven't noticed.

  17. Cennetta, That is a beautiful dress! I was researching the Bias Tape and Piping machine when I ran across your blog. I am going to order the machine, thanks for your review and the reviews of the others on this blog.



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