Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughts on Sewing for the Year 2012

Quality - that's my main goal.  Yes, to get as close to perfect as possible.

Every year I talk about quality vs. quantity. Am I achieving this goal? Sometimes. And other times, I get in a hurry to finish. That's when the quality diminishes. It's little things only recognized by me.

Much of my improved skill in sewing can be attributed to my fellow sewing, blogging friends who show a technique or express a thought about how to better execute construction techniques. So I'm constantly learning from you and other sewing related resources.

The List:

  • Reduce the fabric stash. Use what I already have to get it to a manageable level. I'm starting to forget what's already in the fabric collection.
  • Sew more Burda. I have years of magazines and patterns to chose from.
  • Sew Rhonda Buss designs. She designed several patterns last year that I want to try.
  • Spend some time sewing with my mom. Last year I thought about this, but didn't do it. She sews at her house and I at mine. We need to have a few meet ups.
  • Learn and try a few more sewing techniques. I like hand sewing and would like to try a few more couture techniques.
  • Make a Chanel jacket.
  • Make a Cadena inspired outfit.
  • Learn to make gloves (January 25th).
That's the short of it. We're already ten days into the new year.  It's pass time to get it started.


  1. Great goals for 2012. Sewing quality garments will take your sewing to a higer level. One of my goals this year is to improve my sewing skills and that can only be achieve by sewing quality instead of quantity.
    The idea of having a sewing meet up with your mom is great.

  2. So many bloggers have started the year with a list. Does it help to keep you on track? Does it motivate you to get things done? Maybe it's a way of committing to your goals? I don't have a list per se, just a general plan. I want to investigate the Lutterloh Pattern Making System more fully. I haven't used it much in the 2 years I've had it, but 2012 is my Year of Lutterloh.

  3. I'm jealous that your Mom sews. You've got to move that one to the top of your list...sewing more with her! Gosh I would love that!

  4. Good list of goals... I wish my mom sewed, but she makes up for it by schlepping to the fabric stores with me and letting me know of fabric stores she come across. Also her friends keep me sewing with their orders.

  5. Such wonderful goals! And how what a joy it must be to be able to share your sewing with your mother.

  6. I love you blog and your 2012goals! I have a similar goal for my stash. It actually grew last year so I will try to put a number on it like reduce stash by 25% or more. If I add to the stash, I need to use up a similar amount. We'll see if that works this year ;).

  7. Add a sew date with me to your list!!!

  8. Thanks, everyone.
    Rhonda - Sew Date added :-)

  9. Ann (Gorgeous Things Blog) also has a technique for applying elastic to the neckline.




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