Friday, August 17, 2012

Do you Follow Color Trends?

Do you follow color trends? Or do you stick to the colors that complement the color of your skin, eye, and hair? With each season comes a trendy color palette that many follow because it features the "in" colors of the season.

Ethel Harms did a color analysis for me while I was in Portland, OR. It revealed that I should use a bright-medium autumn palette. Many of the colors are not in my current wardrobe, and there are many colors I've worn for years that are. My palette has no pink/fuschia or grey hues in it (I love these colors and have plenty of fabric to proof it. Lol). These colors make me look pale or grey.

The spring/summer colors this year are tangerine, mint green, bright yellow, kelly green and coral. My first thought was oh..., I can wear all of these. To date, I have not made or bought anything of these colors. My color palette contains only one of these colors. Surprise to me!

During the color analysis, Ethel placed the colors swatches close to my face, I could clearly see how the colors reflected or repelled the vibrate natural tones in my complexion. What a revelation. I'd never thought to have a color analysis, always thinking I was sure of the colors that work well with my skin tone. I'm happy that I now know that many blues, greens and oranges (especially) are great colors for me. So think about it. What colors work best with your skin, hair and eye colors? Trends are okay, but every trend is not good for every fashionista.

Here are a few of the photos that Pati Palmer took during the color analysis. (warning some pictures are without makeup, just lipstick.  Lol)

Me being silly at the start of the session (I was a little nervous at the beginning.).  Black (hair) is okay and the three shades of brown (eyes).

Draping scrafes and swatches - The first drafted color not so good.  Doesn't really complement.

The blues and browns - better

The brown, gold, and cranberry tones are a perfect complement.

Ethel placed the colors that worked well with my skin on the table.

Next, a few close ups of the plattetts that work for me.

Browns, Reds and Oranges

Greens and Browns

Blues and Browns

A Hand Full of Colors

That's it on color.  So, how do you feel about color trends?  Do you follow them or use colors that work well with your skin tone? 

Happy Sewing and Wardrobe Designing, C

PS - DD's jackets are done.  I will show them in next post.

Color Analysis photographs are compliments of the Pati/Palmer Company.


  1. I stick to "my" colors and ignore the trends ... if I go out of my colors I tend to get people offering to take me to the doctor or ER!

  2. That was fun to read, Cenetta. I would love to have a color analysis done. I am not terribly trendy, more on the conservative side, sticking with the basics.

  3. I made the spring a color analysis and am very happy with my colors. It was exactly the colors I loved.
    Color trends do not interest me anymore. More important to me are the colors that match my skin.

  4. Since I happen to be pale, fading into the woodwork color, I try to stick to my colors .... Now that I know what they are! Got my colors figured out last year. I too get the "are you feeling well?" question when I deviate from my colors too much.

  5. Those bright colours are a delight on you :)

  6. I look best in spring colors and had a color analysis done many years ago. I would like to do it again due to age,skin tone fading and gray hair.

    I tend to find a blendable color in the color trends to make it work for me if I can. I loved the recent spring/summer colors trends as they were perfect for me.

  7. I've never had my colors done, but since I let my hair go white I've noticed that some colors just don't work for me anymore. Maybe they never did, but it's more obvious now.
    I think that your colors work really well for you. What are you going to do with the fabric in your stash in the 'wrong' colors?

  8. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on color. Nancy K. I've decided to give it away or make something for someone else.

  9. I had my color done many years ago...found I was a "cool" color indivdual. It was so true and I've stuck with it to this day. When the new color trends come out, I only select the cool colors to work with my skintone.

    Thanks for sharing Cennetta, it's definitely a topic all women should be aware of!

  10. As a redheaded, brown-eyed "peach," I am very careful about and interested in color.

    At 42? I ditched every stitch and thread of black from my closet-- shoes and all. (I do still own black half-slips in two lengths!) I never liked myself dressed in black, so Mother got a TON of black from my closet.

    Brown has been my black for about ten years now and I love it. Some brown has a lot of red in it, a color which I NEVER wear.

    Trends? Yeah, they're all right, but I love to dress this body in colors which I feel beautiful in. Thankfully, one of them of course is GREEN... but not every shade. LOL!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun with the analysis. You are amazingly beautiful and that beauty goes deeper than that gorgeous MAHOGANY skin!

  11. As a brown-skinned Black woman, I find that many colours don't work with my complexion. Greens, some pinks, and flesh-toned browns are no good. I do best with reds, orange, some blues, and neutral tones like black, white, and grey.

  12. You are going to look great in all of those spring colours! Tangerine really does look fabulous on you, you're a knockout in it. How wonderful to have got your colours done! When one has the right colours everything sort of matches in the closet because it's a certain palette, and then even a sack looks pretty good in the right tone, so less wadders too (I just made a wadder last night :P ) Love your handy cache of colours--super for shopping. But I hear the 'oh brother' regarding the grey and fuchsia. Nice idea on giving away your off-palette stockage (or using it for muslins); it's a little more something to let completed garments move on, but courage to you. You're a tangerine dream!

  13. I'm a creature of habit and I don't think I am that far off but a recent shopping trip taught me some new colors to try. What a difference turquoise made in my skin tones! Who knew?

  14. Cennetta, with that beautiful skin tone you can wear ANY color. I'm convinced. I love love yellow but it's not a great color for me. I wear it anyway, because it makes me happy! :D I try to "top" it with color that does work with my skin tone near my face. The rest of me I don't care. ha!

  15. Cennetta those colours are just superb on you. I do watch the colour trends and if there's a colour similar to my palette then I'll dabble with a couple of pieces for the season. Put it this way, I enjoy colour and am happy to stick with my colours but create some interest where I can.

  16. I love following the color trends, though I may not always wear them. I know enough to select the colors that work with my skin tone...years ago, I learned some valuable color lessons when analyzing by color "seasons" was a big thing. But, you can always choose a trendy color to wear in a bag or shoes, right?

  17. what an informative post! I can really see the beauty of the colors chosen for you - you look radiant.



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